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Happy July 1st! I hope everyone on the server is getting ready for what is going to be a fantastic summer around here. It is a known fact that as summer comes, our player base is hit each and every day due to school being out and more people having nothing better to do than sit around indoors playing LS-RP! This along with us losing staff members over the past three months have made it so we can now do a successful and well needed staff drive! We are pleased to announce who has finally made it into both the admin and tester team. Aero, the head of testers has wrote something for everyone abou ... [Read more]

RSMC Take Down Notice
Press Release #213

July 2nd, 2014: The Road Slayers Motorcycle Club was one of the three major motorcycle clubs o ... [Read more]

Publication approved for public release by:

Location: Hashbury, San Fierro

Date & Time: June 26th, 2104 — 21:00 (( server time ))


On the 26th of June at 21:00, the state of San Andreas will be hosting its very first Gay Pride parade in Hashbury, San Fierro.

Gay pride, or LGBT (lesbian, gay, b ... [Read more]
* Your character is able to purchase the magazine in every twenty-four seven and news-stand.

Click the image above to find out more - or alternatively, click here!
... [Read more]


Press Release #207

May 25th, 2014: The Red line Racing Crew were first noticed for their increasing activities and reputation statewide on 29/DEC/2012.

States Crimes from SASD's Inv ... [Read more]

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