Good day LS:RP,

While looking at this forum-section or reading some of the old news you may have noticed that DamianC is working hard for the next and upcoming revision. There should be no excuse for any delay, but good things just need their time and this is—I can ensure you that—worth waiting.

We also noticed the high frequency of suggestions coming in daily where we, the staff team, try to sort out the golden ones out to get them implemented as soon as possible. Thereupon share your ideas with us and the community so we can enhance the fun and please everybody aswell.

To get to the actual point, here's the current list which jobs and careers are revised or completely new:
    — Revamped Detective Career
    — Revamped Carjacker job
    — Revamped Mechanic Career
    — Pizzaboy Career
    — House Robbery and other illegal jobs revamped so that official mafias/gangs have ultimate control over it
    — Checking system
    — Street sweeper mini-job
    — Trucker career & Revamped garbage man job
    — Gov & Council member job opportunities

Keep your eyes opened at this area—as said before—for in-depth details, descriptions and commands of the given jobs and careers. Also, countless of bugs were fixed and old code has been revised over the months to boost the performance, stability and use-ability so you can encounter a better gaming-experience daily. If you find any bugs, whether ingame or on the ucp you can always tune into the bug tracker section on the forum and report them. We are more than pleasured to help you out and to get them fixed.

Aside from the actual ingame revision BlueG also revised some things on the UCP, which includes:
    — Export/Remove a character from your global account
    — Private Message Box option
    — Transfering Number- or Namechanges between your characters which are located in your global account
    — New news-layout
    — Some buttons (right top) which are linked to some other services from LSRP/FoCo
    — Bug fixes here and there

Note: The UCP-revision will be soon implemented.

On a personal note I would like to give some few words to our developers, mainly DamianC and BlueG. Both are sitting hours and hours a day to fix and enhance things to ensure everything is going smooth, is working and we have our fun all the time. Most feedback is inherently negative, if it's someone who's upset that something doesn't work or gets changed or even people from the staff not being pleasured by an idea which got implemented.

My advice for you is just to calm down, look at the things which are new and check them correctly out. If you still feel the need that it should be changed you're free to make a suggestion in the respective forum so we can take a look at it and maybe make you even more happy.

Thank you DamianC and BlueG for your outstanding work!

Unfortunately BlueG and Garteus departed from LS:RP. Both were a great part of our staff team and we'll miss them.