As you may have seen in the previous news post and around the forums, the revision is finally here. After long months of planning, arguing, scripting- the first part of the career revision has finally arrived.

Notice I said first part, meaning there is still more to be added, adjusted, optimized & improved. So with that in mind please continue to make suggestions in the Job suggestion section on how we can make the current jobs and more on LS:RP more exciting.

The MAIN thing I want you all to keep in mind though that this is a new revision, and even with all the testing in the world LS:RP just like any other game is going to have issues. Luckily with the hardworking staff members assisting me in testing it daily we have taken out the majority of the big bad bugs.

So if you see any small issue in game I plead for you not to sit around complaining and worrying others about it but to instead, post a notice about the bug in the bug tracker section of the forum.

With me not working on such a huge revision anymore I have more time to dedicate towards suggestions and bug reports, so they'll be done much quicker.

Main people I'd like to thank for their contributions to the revision:
Marcel - Train addition.
Lenny - Tolls and other additions.
Aero, Phoenix, & Hamza - Major testing throughout the revision, complete dedication.
Burger & Pete - For their mapping assistance.
Community in general - For a good support to fall on throughout these long months. I promise I will not put any of you throughout such a long wait ever again.

Without those things this revision would not be out as quickly as it is right now. So I thank everyone for their helping hand.

Also one thing to keep in mind-
Chop Shops - Will be handled by Aline(HoF) & amef(HoP). So if you run an illegal faction you need to consult with those two on handling and all that jizz jazz.


XM Radio:
We've been in talks with Incognito(creator of the Audio plugin) for quite some time now and we're pleased to announce that version 5.0 of the plugin is on it's way. In the meantime Incognito has granted LS:RP with a beta version for us all to test on.

You can find the link here:
XM Radio

Remember that this is a beta, meaning the link can be updated weekly and even daily at moments so if you want to participate you need to keep up with the frequently updating links. You will be informed through so keep your eyes here for news!
Staff Apps:
Tester Applications - Tester applications will be opened later on today so use this time to work on your application and if need be a healthy set of recommendations to back you up.

It will be equipped with new questions as well so be ready to answer them as best as you can.

News Team - Have you ever wanted to contribute or just be apart of the news team on LS:RP? Well I'm opening the door to just more than staff members to participate.

So if you feel you can contribute some interesting OOC/IC news to LS:RP feel free to sign up here. Application form will be posted soon.

Event Team - Ever wanted to advise, contribute, and or suggest a scenario or some type of memorable moment for LS:RP history? Then sign up at the new section here. Application form will be posted soon.