This one is quite a big one and it's something everyone is going to really enjoy- non-donators, donators, etc etc. Consider this not only a Christmas gift but a thank you for you being you. For the faction leaders promoting fun and creative roleplay, the homeless guy adding to the atmosphere, the donators that donate as much as they can. You people do so much for this server it's so unbelieveable.

For instance over a $100 or something so dollars have been made simply off buying fighting styles recently. We at LS-RP really appreciate it and trust the money will always and forever be put towards bettering the server more and more. So once again, thank you for being you and continue to spread the love.

Anyways the first part of this gift is- Animations. We're currently adding in over 170+ animations to the server. So now you can express yourself visually more often. We're currently in the process of evaluating the ones coming in, finding more to add, removing the stupid/nasty ones. Don't worry, /piss and /jackoff won't be added!

The second half of the gift:
Image - Image - Image
Image - Image - Image

-Alpha, Euros, Uranus, Saddler, Marquis, and Rumpo will be available for everyone to buy.

-Bike for Bronze users and above. BMX permission required as well.

-ZR-350 for Silver members and above.

-Banshee for Gold members and above.

    Image - Image -Image
-Will be auctioned off soon. Stay tuned for more information on the auction and the vehicles. These vehicles will be limited to keep them special and unique on the server.

The features are not yet in, but should be in around Christmas. So consider this a Christmas Eve / Christmas gift. Happy Holidays and enjoy! Follow along with and follow us on twitter. @FoCoLSRP

PS: The login issues are well known and being handled, don't worry.