After an adventurous year 2011 is nothing more than a memory for us all. Just like every year of LS-RP there's been good, bad, and ugly- overall everyday we shared will be forever memorable. We thank you all for joining the server and finding a role somewhere inside the deep story we have going. 2011, you were good to us and you shall be missed.

And as 2011 exits, 2012 enters. What does this year embark for us all? What type of features will we see this year? What will be the most dramatic moment of this year? Who will win American Idol? All these questions and more, which is why we invite you all to stick around with us and find out.

We may not know what 2012 will fully bring for us but we can guarantee that we're fully braced for whatever it has to throw at us. Infact there will be news about some features released soon on LS-RP when it's fully presentable, stay tuned for that. Another thing to expect this Spring/Summer time is a limit increase on our server- more information will be released on that at a later time.

Yes there's a lot of plans brewing, and I'm going to try my hardest not to burst in excitement and leak all the ideas running around. But that's future tense, let's get back to the present date.

In the wake of a new year the Staff team is both upgrading and opening up the tester drive! As an upgrade we've recently promoted four admins to a higher level:
Collins -> Level 4.
Dec Watson, Adio, & Captain Phill -> Level 2.

Congratulations fellas! Truly deserved. And if you want to join the staff team one day, don't sit around and wait sign up for Tester today! Follow along with and follow us on twitter. @FoCoLSRP