Sorry for the wait but we finally got our heads together and got these videos up and ready to display! First and foremost, thank you to former tester Reshay for not only coming up with the idea but getting it rolling at the same time. Reshay is no longer with the team and with this thank you I want to use this time to bid him adieu!

The videos sent in were all absolutely amazing. Thanks to all the faction members that participated in showcasing their faction's talent, power, and influence around Los Santos! Here's hoping all your factions and ideas live long and prosper.

PS: New testers will be announced in the next few days along with a few other surprises and information. Stay tuned!

Alright, in no particular order!

And the Oscar goes toooo...just kidding! Amazing job all around. Got to think of a treat for all the people that contributed. Valentines is coming up, I'm sure we'll think of something ;D.

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