Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a pleasant month of transitioning from holidays to school, work, or whatever your path is in life. I for one have been taking January as a bit of a break month for myself after all the work done in December. Sorry for my slack, but I needed a little break time before I drove myself insane. But I'm back fully, refreshed, and ready to tackle this year with new ideas and plans.

I won't be tackling it alone, I still have Celesto and Injection to my side- who are still waiting on me to push their work forward for the server to see. We might have lost a few 3rd party developers along the way but these two have stood strong and true to their applications. And if you too are interested in 3rd party developer, the application forms for it never closes and you will always have a chance.

I also got to thank the admins and testers still around to this day for sticking around for so long. Over the last few months we have lost quite a few staff members- ranging from 3rd party developers, testers, admins, and ig-leads. One being our very own and one of my best friends Russian-Privet later known as Arafel. Thanks for the years of work towards administrating and leading the police department.

But that's just how it goes folks! Over time we will gain wonderful bright people and with that motion we also lose people over time. Be it life calling, promotions, or a swiff boot in the ass out the door. And since we already covered the sad parts lets move towards the happy part of it- new staff members!

Like I say time and time again we always have huge plans for the server and I need a huge team under-neath me to reach those goals. Which is why I have new admins ready to roll out, new and returning testers ready to hit up the labor all over the place, and even a special edition to the 3rd party team.

Jay732 - Redman - Kuer - Michael
Ramon - Lockhart - Lady Godiva - ogsherm - Velano - Circa
Nolan - Avast - Waynezz - DrumDevil - Killiani
Jay-Jay - Taank! - Prosodemic
Vin - Bud
( mLis - Laos )

(List is possibly not final.)
3rd Party Developers:

(Dev applications are still open for now.)

Congratulations everyone. You will be getting setup and your PMs later on throughout the day! Follow along with www.ls-rp.com and follow us on twitter. @FoCoLSRP