Operation Start Date:
    DECEMBER 16 2011

Operation Concluded:
    JANUARY 22 2012

A Forward:
    December 15th through 17th showed the rate of murder, larceny, and other violent crimes climb with no noticeable cause. After multiple officers shot down in the line of duty, The Los Santos Police Department Street Crimes Unit, a subdivision of the Criminal Intelligence Division, initiated an anti-crime operation on December 16th, 2011 at the request of Deputy Chief Rashid Jamal in response to this startling trend.

    The operation was officially started on December 16th, 2011 and was deemed OPERATION CONTROL. CID-SCU members were required to increase patrols in the Idlewood area and log down any and all arrests. Although initially the objective of OPERATION CONTROL was to gather enough proof and reasoning to request an injunction on the area, the general objective was shifted a week after it started trying to prevent crimes in the Idlewood area.

    The operation was officially concluded on January 22, 2012. 42 arrests were logged in conjunction with OPERATION CONTROL. Most of the arrests were due to violent crimes.






The red square is the approximate area that the aforementioned operation will be occurring in. The yellow square is the area with the most violent crimes and highest criminal activity

Basic Information:

DEC 16th through DEC 17th showed a significant spike in crimes in the Idlewood area, primarily violent crimes (Assaults, Batteries, Homicides, etc). Victims of these crimes were numerous and included multiple police officers.

IDLEWOOD, especially the area by IDLEWOOD PIZZA STACK has always been a "hot zone" for various forms of crime. It is a known drug dealer hot-zone, firearms dealer hot-zone, and has numerous fights and grand theft auto cases daily. The IDLEWOOD PIZZA STACK is in the immediate vicinity of a number of gangs and criminal organizations, all of whom commune in the immediate area of the IDLEWOOD PIZZA STACK.

Operation Objective:
    To gather enough evidence (via arrests, citations, etc) to attempt to activate a "Pain Fall" injunction in Idlewood, as requested by DCOP Jamal
    To attempt to restrict criminal activity in IDLEWOOD and the immediate area

Unit Involvement:

Officers: Street Crime Officers will be expected to note and include the name, basic information (phone number, etc) and charges of any person arrested in the IDLEWOOD District within this Operations File. These names will be pinged back to the appropriate senior officers for case file purposes and to attempt to get a "Pain Fall" rolling.

Detectives: The above Officer duties apply to Detectives. Uniquely, Detectives will be expected to maintain a plainclothes and unmarked patrol in order to survey the IDLEWOOD area during times of high gang activity and if the Unit(s) can be spared to do so without impacting overall patrol performance of the Department. Key times to activate these patrols are when corner activity at IDLEWOOD PIZZA STACK or IDLEWOOD GAS. Simply watch the corner and keep vigilant for any possible or concurrent criminal activities and act accordingly by reporting the information to a Senior Detective of the Unit if available. If not, radio for necessary back-up and conduct detentions and arrests.

Senior Detectives: The above Detective and Officer duties apply. Senior Detectives will be expected to lead full Operations when possible. Using names collected from previous Operations or arrests, Senior Detectives will lead a team of at least two other active FOX Units (Detective or otherwise) to trace these individuals down and note their activities. Under the first sign of illegal action, arrests are to be conducted and wide-spread detainment done to surrounding individuals in order to cut back on contraband with the resulting pat downs.

During moments of corner activity, they are to lead FOX Units along with any necessary back-up and conduct detentions and arrests.

Suspects Arrested/KIA:
    Moses Young *DECEASED* (Att. Murder of a LEO, Aiding and Abetting (Evading), Poss. of a Firearm without a Permit)
    Derek Young *DECEASED* (Att. Murder of a LEO, Evading, Poss. of a Firearm without a Permit)
    Juanita Vallejo (Mutual Combat, Poss. of a Controlled Substance)
    Davonte Porter (Mutual Combat)
    Julian Gibbs (Poss. of Marijuana)
    Deshawn Carver ( Pos. Stolen M/V, Evading, Resisting)
    Jack Robeno (GTA, Evading)
    Steven Shelton (Auto Burglary, may have been listed as GTA)
    Javon Barrow *DECEASED* (Attempted Armed Murder, Evasion)
    Nathan Naylor *DECEASED* (Attempted Armed Murder, Evasion)
    Raineri Newman *DECEASED* (Evasion, Endanderment, Poss. of a Firearm without a Permit.)
    Marcus_Hereford (Battery on a Gov Employee, Endangerment, Grand theft auto, Failure to yield, Reckless driving, Speeding)
    Alonzo Castillo (Assault, Riotous Activity, Evasion)
    Trey Thomas (Grant Theft Auto)
    Kareem Williams (Auto Burglary)
    Xavier Moss (Battery, evading, resisting arrest)
    Michael Savarino (Attempted Murder of an LEO (Drive-by), Attempted Murder of a Suspect or Witness, Harboring a fugitive, Possession of an Illegal Firearm, Discharging a Firearm from a Motor Vehicle, Evasion, Endangerment)
    William Penzario *DECEASED* (Harboring a Fugitive, Aiding and Abetting (Attempted Murder of an Officer), Evading, Endangerment)
    Charles Bartolotta *DECEASED* (Evading, Endangerment, Mutual Combat)
    Ervin Broadus (Battery, Evading)
    Jessica Moussier (Battery)
    Rodolfo Espinoza (Facial Obstruction, Possession of a Firearm without a Permit)
    Connor_Achaski (Obstruction of Justice, Loittering, Resisting Arrest, Evading)
    Raheem Hamilton (Possession of a controlled substance w/ intent to sell, attempted auto burglary)
    Adriana_Ramirez (Evading, Possession of stolen vehicle.)
    Larry_Brixton (Possession of ilegal firearm, attempted murder.)
    Eduardo_Esperento (Possession of firearm without a permit)
    Jeffrey Quinton(Emergency hotline abuse, Criminal threats, Lewd conduct in public, Evading, Battery)
    Corey Grant (Maintaining a place for the purpose of distribution / Possesion of a controlled substance / Possesion of an firearm without a permit )
    Roscoe Hutson (Maintaining a place for the purpose of distribution / Possesion of an concealed dagger)
    Dejuan Miles (Possession of a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance)
    Larry Brixton (Attempted Armed Murder, Poss. of an declared Illegal Firearm (AK-47), Bribery)
    Dominic Puglisi (Auto Burglary)
    Martin Clerk (Public Intoxication, Misuse of an Emergency Hotline)
    Tyrone Jerome (Possession of controlled substance for sale)
    Aniceto Nagore (Auto Burglary, Evading)
    Gregory Hofman (Evading)
    Delmar Jones (Evading, Assault, Poss. of a Controlled Substance for sale.)
    Ronnie Wright (Possession of a firearm without a permit)
    Romano Montana (Petty Theft, Assault, Resisting Arrest)
    Omar Bell (Evading, Assault with a Deadly Weapon.)
    Gerald Mancuso (Petty Theft, Possession of Stolen Property