Hello everyone and what a glorious April Fools we are having this year! I wanted to try something different this year. Rather than pranking everyone I'd rather use this April fools as a second day of Christmas. So with the magical work of Kyeman, the diligent effort of the staff team, and so on and so on we are now ready to unveil the new revision.

If you've been keeping up with the feature documentation, Twitter, and the forums you already have a bright idea of what is going on. SA-MP has began releasing the work of it's latest version- 0.3e; and we are moving to it today. It comes with a lot of neat features for not only the players but the scripters as well. 0.3e is still in RC phase so remember to resort to this forum - http://forum.ls-rp.com/viewforum.php?f=642 for help and feedback.

On to the revision, it's been a couple of ideas for ages but it's finally here- house robbery, vehicle mod shop revamp, cuffing system, advertisement advancement, Business order a room system, video guide update, radio stations updated, property items updated, and so many other side features. I personally wanted to make everyone as comfortable as possible while testing out 0.3e and roleplaying at the same time, so what other way comfort people by flooding them with stuff?

There's alot more to come this week aswell- concerning the leasing businesses, new side features, bug fixes, and so on and so on. So I hope you enjoy the new revision, the new SA-MP, and the things to come!

You may have noticed we have lost quite close a substantial amount of staff members- both tester and admin team alike. As time goes on people lives take a different path than from what we all selfishly want out of them sometime. To all the admins and testers no longer with us- we thank you and you shall be missed.

On a lighter note Spring is coming and we will be bulking up more on staff members, and by May 1st we'll have a full set all over. To give us a boost- I am happy to say we have 2 retired admins coming back to the team.
Smallwood - Shivam

Welcome back boys!