Department of Corrections Newsletter, March 2012

Text is image, especially in an organization like the Department of Corrections. We are happy to announce the recent updates and changes this month, with our monthly newsletter!

It has been another months and a lot has happend. A group of enthusiastic people were successfully introduced into the Department of Corrections and another rather big group had to leave us.
The FIU had to say goodbye to it's old leader, the T&R welcomed a new Director's Assistant. We have had some situations and some security updates.
This month was full of activity, so here we are again. Please enjoy March 2012's newsletter.

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If this month didn't bring us as many changes as previous months have, I can proudly say things are becoming better for Department of Corrections and our work from previous months seems to be coming around.

Parole board seems to be working quite well, except for some difficulties with parole check-ups; community services are being organized more and more often; we've gotten ourself quite a nice amount of new correctional officers and there were no major reports filled in on our employees - this month has undoubtedly been a great month for Department of Corrections and you're the one to be thanked for.

I'd like you to keep up the great work, but most importantly, stay safe!

Commissioner Dexter Abbruzi


Facility Intelligence Unit Director Recruitment
By Honorary Commissioner D. Undr

With the recent resignation of the previous 'Director of the Facility Intelligence Unit,' the 'Commissioner's Board' would like to announce that this position will now be available for general recruitment. All individuals who are interested in applying for this position, are requested to forward their application to Commissioner Dexter Abbruzi for further evaluation.

Please note, as no 'specific' application has been implemented, all individuals interested in applying are requested to include necessary information, such as their full name, rank, FIU relations and length of service within this department. Applications for this post will close on the 3rd of April, 2012. Please forward any further queries or concerns to the Commissioners, the Deputy Commissioner or the Assistant Commissioner respectively.

New Director's Assistant of T&R
By Senior Correction Officer J. Milluno and Lieutenant M. Conner

Today, 31th March 2012, the High Command of the Training and Recruitment Department announced the new Director's Assistant that will support Dexter Abbruzi, Director of T&R, in his tasks and works.
Since the moment he was introduced into the Training and Recruitment department, he showed constant effort and dedication.
Thank to every trainings he made successfully, to the efforts that he put during academies, he fully deserved this promotion.

In addition to this, we would like to remind to our roster that Training and Recruitment Department scheduled a First Aid Training that will be taken place at 2nd April 2012 at 18:00. Make sure to attend!

Congratulations Lieutenant Kingston, who truly deserved it.

SWAT-CERT training
By Senior Correction Officer J. Milluno

Yesterday, 30th March 2012, the Correctional Emergency Response Team attended a scheduled training with the Special Weapons and Tactics, tactical team of Los Santos Police Department, in order to improve CERT tactics and to reach a high level of knowledge preparing us to all possible situations that could happen in Los Santos Prison, like hostage situations or mass brawls. I, James Milluno, have attended this training with Deputy Commissioner and Commander of CERT Team Galen Hawkins, Lieutenant and Deputy Commander of CERT Team Christopher Kingston, Staff Sergeant John Winnfield, Lieutenant Miles Conner, Senior Correction Officer Marshall Jordan and Lieutenant Andrew Tomson.

The training has taken place at High Facility Prison area at the duration of one hour.
Although there were no promotions for CERT members, we were all glad to be there and we are thankful to SWAT team for all they taught us and we hope to have more often trainings like this one.

If you want a great career in Department of Corrections, the Correctional Emergency Response Team is made for you.
Join us, you won't regret it, we are waiting for you.

Higher Standard of Security
By Lieutenant D. Marseille

Lately, the issues inside the Los Santos Prison regarding knives started to get out of hand, in the last couple weeks alone DoC's Correctional Officers have encountered at least 5 inmates with knives posessions. Although the high amount of knives inside Los Santos Prison, DoC's Correctional Officers manage to prevent most of those knives of being used - our internal statistics have proven that in the last three months, cases about stabbed people decreased significantly. However, those statistics don't stop the department from increasing its standard of safety:

A few weeks ago, a Correctional Officer came forward with a simple suggestion, a suggestion that will ease the work of the department's officers: an upgrade of the department-issued stab vests. Even though the statistics have proven that cases of stabbed correctional officers have decreased, the High Command team of the Department of Corrections noticed that the standard of safety has to be increased constantly to prevent a major accident to happen inside the facility - as a response to the suggestion, which has gotten many supports from the employees of the department, Commisioner Dexter Abbruzi has stated himself that there will be a new department-issued vests: ... it is already being discussed by our HC team.

Let's just hope that this decision to increase the department's standard of security will bring nothing but good and safety to our Correctional Officers!

Road reconstruction Fort Carson
By Lieutenant M. Conner

Last month, we have been devoting a lot of our time to the reconstruction of the mainroad leading through the heart of Fort Carson. The road, leading towards High Facility Prison, was damaged a lot and due to the low amount of spare time the construction team hired by the Los Santos Goverment had, we stepped in and took a big part of work on us.
In two seperated Community Services, we had succesfully removed the old road, in order to get it replaced by the construction team.
The road leads towards Fort Carson, across both the Cluckin' Bell, as the fuel station and is an indispensable piece of Bone County's complicated road structure, leading towards High Facility Prison.
We had about two groups, each Community Service. These groups were about as big as a regular constuctionteam, existing out of approximately 8 inmates.
The first Community Service we had the pleasure of the Los Santos Police Department for joining us. They mainly oversaw incoming traffic. The second period, the San Andreas Sheriff's Department reached us a very helping hand, by sending us a rather big amount of people to oversee the whole process, as well as watching over passing traffic.

The whole process was a big success and the road has been completely replaced.

Inmates Riot, CO's don't
By Deputy Commissioner G. Hawkins

The 24th of March this year was the day the academy graduates had been announced, and many had already excitedly sworn to oath to myself at the entrance, before undertaking their duties. Most of their first day went without incident.

However, the evening was more turbulent. With a certain amount of COs on duty, inmates suddenly, for reasons only a psychologist could possibly tell us, become more violent and think they stand a chance of breaking out or injuring COs. With a total amount of fourteen COs on duty, this was one such evening.

Lieutenant Kingston asked me if I had a couple of words for the new COs, who were all lined up after he had called a 10-1. I gave a small speech both to make the new COs feel welcomed, but also to warn them of the dangers of their duties, and what is expected of them during it. All the while, inmates down stairs were making a big mess out of the red zone, banging on our gate and shouting up to us. After Lieutenant Kingston went down to scare them for a bit, he returned back up, but the inmates continued. So, I carried the 10-1 over to Lieutenant Kingston, and went down to the red zone myself, packing my CERT gear. The inmates threatened with violence if we did not give them their "dinner" (at 22:00), if we did not take them to the yard, something which they had not even deserved in the slightest way and if we didn't provide them with beer. As known to most of you, I personally detest alcohol in the form of any kind of liquor. So they didn't exactly stood strong in their demands.

When I reached the red zone, the inmates did show they weren't stupid. They backed off, anticipating a pepperspray burst. But, they weren't prepared for the flashbang I had in store. It got the inmates disorientated, and I hoped this would stop them from causing any further chaos. Sadly, I was wrong, and they just continued, loudly complaining about their ears and eyes. They spoke about breaking down the gate, or tackling any officer who came in to bring a new suspect.

I called down all COs that were on duty to the orange zone entrance, and arranged for a swift sweep of the red zone. Lieutenant Kingston tossed in another flashbang, before the lot of us moved in to the red zone. Even though the short time of preparation, and the inexperience of the new COs, everything went according to plan. The inmates were put in their cells, with only one injured due to a fight with another inmate, and we easily re-established control over the red zone. We positioned ourselves in a display of prestige towards the inmates, showing that we are not to be messed with.

The following COs participated in this action and have been awarded the Certificate of Merit for their actions. Each and every one of these COs has made me proud, for their inexperience did not show, nor did their fear.

Lieutenant Christopher Kingston
Staff Sergeant John Winnfield
Sergeant Jonathan Fisher
Sergeant Scott Bryan
Corporal Ana Pearson
Senior Correction Officer Phillip Cavallero
Senior Correction Officer James Milluno
Correction Officer Ryan Bauer
Correction Officer Michael Mercer
Correction Officer Brian Andrwes
Correction Officer Victor Benavidez
Correction Officer Ashley Harris
Correction Officer Ralph Mitchell

All of you have made me proud. If you are a CO, I am sure that you have a good future ahead of you within DoC. We need more people like you.

Activity improvement
By Senior Correction Officer J. Milluno

In these weeks It has been noted, that activity within the Department of Corrections has substantially increased as a whole.
We've seen many community services and many operations taken place in Los Santos Prison.

Training and Recruitment Department scheduled and completed successfully two trainings in less of a week, something that is never happened before. Also, they will open recruitments at 1st April so keep it up, COs, because you'll be more in just a week. This article is made only for the purpose to precise that most of the times, Department of Corrections drops its activity at the end of the week after the last academy (due to a lack of interest) but this time it seems that we are making activity improvements, as the title says, because we're having an average of about 8 COs per day also after the end of the week, called also "Day 7".

Lastly, we recommend to all new correctional officers to attend advanced trainings because they won't allow you only to have a ribbon more but they will teach you how to handle specific situations that you couldn't handle fully without an advanced training.


Quite a number of applications were sent in to the department's Recruitment department for its latest two academies that were held in March 2012, academy #15 and academy #15a. However, many of those applications were not up to Department of Corrections' standards that they were unfortunately denied to progress to the next phases. Only those few selected were able to complete the evaluation phase, and the academy phase, together with completing their final examinations. They were then inducted to the department as its latest Correction Officer, at the same time being official members of the department.

Below are the list of the Correction Officers instated to the department that graduated from Academy #15:

    Tyrell Allen
    Philip Cavallaro
    Viktor Corovic
    Stanley Edwards
    Jordan Evans
    Daniel Havish
    Marshall Jordan
    Javier Morales
    Kamiguchi Orochi
    Andrew Poole
    Xiao Sasaki
    Dimas Subekti

And below are the list of Correction Officers instated to the department that graduated from academy #15a:

    Brian Andrews
    Michael Barringer
    Ryan Bauer
    Victor Benavidez
    Kyla Gomez
    Ashley Harris
    Kellin Joslin
    Michael Mercer
    Ralph Mitchell
    Donald Peterson
    Lisa Walker

    From 79 applications, only 43 applications were accepted and were given the chances to progress. (54.43%)
    From 43 recruits, only 31 of them passed the evaluation phases. (72.09%)
    From 31 recruits that passed the evaluation phases, 23 were instated to the department as Correction Officers. (74.19%)

Congratulations to those instated to the department, and we are sure you will all do great!


The persons you see below here have, through hard work and great effort, earned the right to exchange their current insignias for that of a rank higher. With this change comes a greater responsibility they carry whilst conducting their duties. Always make sure to recheck the rank authorities to see what falls under you now.

Congratulations to:

Image Lieutenant > Image Captain
    Miles Conner
    Andrew Tomson

Image Staff Sergeant > Image Lieutenant

Image Sergeant > Image Staff Sergeant

Image Corporal > Image Sergeant
    Dylan Brooks
    Ana Pearson
    Arthur Quin
    Xu Jinfeng

Image Senior Correction Officer > Image Corporal
    Tyrell Guillen
    Wyclef Bowe
    James Milluno

Image Correction Officer > Image Senior Correction Officer
    Jordan Evans

Remember that if you weren't promoted it doesn't necessarily mean you didn't do well enough. All ranks have a certain time requirement you must fulfill in order to be able to get promoted to it. You can read those requirements in the Handbook section.


James Milluno, Matt Cobra, Miles Conner, Xu Jinfeng and Arthur Quin have in March 2012 received 3 Months Service award.

Michael Mercer, Philip Cavallaro, Jonathan Fisher, Scott Bryant, Christopher Kingston, John Winnfield, Ana Pearson, Victor Benavidez, Ryan Bauer and Ralph Mitchell have in March 2012 received Certificate of Merit.

John Winnfield, Xu Jinfeng, Arthur Quin, Ana Pearson and Dylan Brooks have in March 2012 received Intermediate Certification.

Tyrell Guillen, Wyclef Bowe and James Milluno have in March 2012 received Advanced Certification.

Employee and Rookie of the month, March 2012:


Employee of the month - March 2012 award goes to Senior Correction Officer Tyrell Allen. He has shown nothing but dedication, enthusiasm and activity throughout this month, which undoubtedly got noticed by Staff Sergeants and above, who recommended him and after a long discussion, chose him for employee of the month. There were more candidates, however Tyrell Allen stood out with his outstanding qualities shown on day-to-day duty.


It was quite a battle for rookie of the month award. Three candidates popped up in discussion, each involvement backed up with reasonable arguments. I guess we can safely assume academies #15 and #15a brought us rather professional and active new man-power. As we all know, only one can win this prestigious award and at the end, Correction Officer Ryan Bauer won the discussion with most votes.

Congratulations to both of awardees.


I would personally like to thank everybody who participated in contributing, writing and making of this months newsletter. A lot of work has been putted into it and a lot of people were able to help.
We can not expect any less then another great upcoming month and there will surely be alot of new challenges and situations.
If there are any questions, concerns or whatsoever, feel free to forward them to any concerning member or myself.
Thanks for reading, have a lovely day and try not to get too overstrain!

Milles Conner
Director of Public Relations

Dexter Abbruzi
Commissioner of SADoC