Hey all, it's Summer time and it's time to start grabbing your swimming trunks, sun tan lotion, sun glasses, and surf boards and storing them in your attics; because it's going to be LS-RP's time. First and foremost we have a lot of plans brewing for the server this summer, and you will start seeing them by May and lasting throughout the entire summer. We strive for everyone on LS-RP to have a fun time and during vacation time we really want you to enjoy it while that terrible sun is out!

First thing I want to start this summer off by re-opening the Suggestions forum. I'm going to try for the umphteenth time to try and utilize my 3rd party guys to do more for the server. Celesto and Injection have been a gigantic help for me and the team in general so I'm really going to try and show the server what they can do this summer. I'm also going to finally look into the last few 3rd party apps as well because we're really going to try and get this ball rolling.

That's all I'm going to say on the script aspect of things though, I'd rather leave that as a surprise for the next news post or the next Twitter tweet. For now I want to really focus on the staff aspect. Since Summer is coming up that means the work is going to be picking up both InGame and Out of Game. Meaning it's time to bulk up the staff team!

We're going to start with promotions of the current admin team.

Level 4 -> Lead Admin
Level 3 -> IG Lead
Hermy - Aero
Level 2 -> Level 3
Dec Watson -Ryoma
Level 1 -> Level 2
Kuer - Vercetti - chrishan
Stewie - Pitchy

New & Returning Admins:
Giacomo - Elora - iGo - Aze - Xhiroz
Alor - Nexus - Kraite - Bizzie
[Outerspace - Decker]
New Testers:
Peace - mistique - Famez - NiceCookie - Birdman! - Cortez - Fontaine - Roselli
Doom Boy - Brady Russ - Gandalf - Jakey - Sm0kEy - Nathan - gus
Lacoste - Freddie™ (shadowhud) - tw1ster - Mitch - Based Thuggy - Soldato
[Clown, Circa, Este, Foran, Reshay]

Not yet final. You all will get your messages laters guys.

12 new admins and 27 new testers. Congrats guys and gals. We're going to start not only this month off right but the summer and the year as well.