Department of Corrections Newsletter, April 2012

Text is image, especially in an organization like the Department of Corrections. We are happy to announce the recent updates and changes this month, with our monthly newsletter!

It's been another exciting month with our regular ups and downs. We've seen new people coming, some of our older people go. Unfortunately, we also had our lost.
Let’s not keep you waiting too long: here is the Deprtment of Corrections Newsletter of April, 2012.

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Many of you are wondering what has been going on with Facility Intelligence Unit in the past few weeks - we've reviewed all applicants that were sent to us in regards to leading this sub-department, however, none met all requirements that are needed to successfully lead a sub-department - let it be lack of effort in an application or lack of experiences of an applicant. Thus High Command has decided to freshly set it up with new protocols, manuals and what not and after that, we'll be looking for an appropriate leader again. If you're interested and you're a Sergeant or higher, feel free to notify me.

Next thing I'd like to mention is activity in the past month - it was, without a doubt, outstanding. I am proud to say that Department of Corrections is becoming more and more recognised and respected by the public and you're the one to be thanked for that. April was a calm month without any serious reports against our members, yet with an amazing activity. Keep it up!

Commissioner Dexter Abbruzi


Lost friends
By Deputy Commissioner G. Hawkins and Captain M. Conner

This month, we as the Department of Corrections - we as a community – have suffered some tragic lost.
Two of our beloved Correctional Officers have given their life, for not only us as a department, but for the better of the people in Los Santos as a whole.


Sergeant A. Pearson
On the evening of the 16th of April, 2012, Sergeant Ana Pearson passed away in her home, following severe brain trauma. Sergeant A. Pearson became the victim of a mugging in the evening of the 15th of April, where the robbers physically attacked her which lead to several bruises and a severe concussion. Her concussion did not seem a life threat, however during the following day her situation deteriorated, and in the evening the LSFD declared her deceased. The robbers were declared deceased the evening of the 15th after their vehicle crashed, with lethal results, in a chase upon them conducted by SASD units.

Ana Pearson transferred to the San Andreas Department of Corrections on the 24th of March, 2012. During her service here, Sergeant Ana Pearson earned the Certificate of Merit, having participated in a riot suppression action.

Sergeant Ana Pearson has served the Department of Corrections honourably and to the best of her efforts. She will be missed.

Sergeant Ana Pearson - 14/05/1984 --- 16/04/2012


Sergeant J. Fisher
On the evening of the 28th of April, 2012, Sergeant Jonathan Fisher was killed in the line of duty, whilst tending to an inmate seemingly slipping into a seizure. Sergeant J. Fisher was attacked with an improvised weapon and mortally injured to his chest and neck by the inmate which was faking his seizure. First aid was applied, but due to the severe nature of his wounds, blood loss and shock made recovery impossible. CPR was attempted for the following five minutes, to no avail. Sergeant J. Fisher was declared deceased at 23:15. The inmate is currently serving an isolated life sentence in High Facility Prison.

Jonathan Fisher was instated to the Department of Corrections on the 10th of December, 2011, having attended academy #12, passing his exam with a 29/30 score. During his time in the Department of Corrections, Sergeant Jonathan Fisher received the Purple Heart for actions that resulted in severe injuries by riotous inmates, became a Junior K-9 Handler in the K-9 Department, earned the Certificate of Merit for actions during a riot suppression action and received the advanced certification for gaining the rank of Corporal, ultimately serving as a Sergeant.

Sergeant Jonathan Fisher has been posthumously awarded his second purple heart, having served the Department of Corrections honourably and to his best efforts, ultimately making the ultimate sacrifice. He will be missed.

Sergeant Jonathan Fisher - 09/07/1986 --- End of Service: 28/04/2012 - 2315

“Not going to sit at your grave and cry, instead I will smile...looking up to the sky. You'll be up where all angels in blue go, protecting your brothers and sisters below.”

We would like to say goodbye to both members. Our sincere condolences to family, friends and acquaintances.

By Captain M. Conner

Lately, our prison has been plagued by a terrific amount of criminal organizations. So called ‘gangs’.
With the recent “evolvement” with these gangs, our Correctional Officers have their hands full with keeping the Los Santos Prison in control.
With the downtime of the Facility Intelligence Unit, so far no action has been taken.

Most gangs are based on ethnicity. The gangs recruit people from own race for control over the prison. May this be by prison taxes, blackmailing, obtaining, making and selling illegal substances, or threatening and assaulting people.
While the Los Santos Prison has evolved into a true war ground, our Correctional Officers manage to keep everything calm and quite.
The best measures possible are being taken to make sure no incidents of any sort may, can or will occur.

Death of our Former High Command Member
By Jozz Ceko


Zlatan Lazić, 48, former San Andreas Department of Corrections Major

Mr. Lazić passed away at his home on May 6, 2012. After suffering from a long depression, he decided to end his life.

Born Nov. 29, 1965, in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Zlatan Lazić was the son of Emira and Josip Lazić. Zlazza had a wonderful childhood growing up with his two brothers. After high school, Zlazza served the Yugoslav military, which was obligatory at the time. Soon he finished the Sarajevan Architectural College. In 1992 the Yugoslav Wars started. He was a part of the Sarajevo resistance. After the war, in 1998 Zlazza immigrated to USA, where he joined the San Andreas Department of Corrections. He served for 13 years, but he got accused for terrorism and was deported back to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The terrorist accusations were never proven.

A year later, he got his green card back and came back to America. He tried to reinstate to the department, but was denied permanently due to a mistake. Knowing that he can't do the only thing he ever loved, he fell into a great depression and ended his life.

No known living relatives remain.

Always the joker with a kind word and a smile for anyone that met him, he touched the hearts of many. He will be greatly missed and thought of often, and will live on forever in our hearts. He helped reform the SADoC and contributed many of his skills to the department. Zlatan will always be remembered for his courage during difficult times, and even though he took his life we know he is at rest now.

According to Zlatan's wishes, his body will be donated to the Los Santos Fire Department. No funeral services will be held.

Interview with SCO Evans
By Corporal J. Milluno

Jordan Evans in the Staff Room, waving the camera

Hello, civilians and employee of Department of Corrections.
Today I made an interview with Jordan Evans, today (April the 1st, 2012) promoted to the rank of Senior Correction Officer. I decided to interview him because, as I mentioned before, he's the only one that got promoted to Senior Correction Officer rank this month.

I wanted to know his feelings, his opinion about SADoC, and more of such things.
Now, here's the interview, I hope you like it.

James Milluno: How you feeling being the only one promoted between other COs?
Jordan Evans: Well.. this isn't the best feeling. At the first place I took it really hard, I was down for few days. Until I decided to wake up, and I said to myself that I will earn this promotion sooner or later, but now I need to focus on the job.
James Milluno: How was your academy period? I mean, have you felt any issues during it's progress?
Jordan Evans: Well.. no. I felt that I'm just like the others, I had no issues or something like that, never mind it'd happened. I counted myself as a regular applicant, just like the rest.
James Milluno: What do you think about the SADoC?
Jordan Evans: Great. The most fun and good job I ever been at. The members here are awesome, the Command and High Command are really nice here. The paychecks are great, I got all what I need here, nothing more and nothing less.
James Milluno: What is your best accomplishment during this career?
Jordan Evans: I think my best accomplishment that I ever got is.. the fact that I didn't gave up when I was the only one who didn't promoted. Most of the people would resign a long time ago, but I didn't gave up and I didn't resigned and it was worth it. I think this is my best accomplishment so far.
James Milluno: Have you regretted your decision to becoming a correctional officer?
Jordan Evans: No. Not at all.
James Milluno: Awesome, we're done. Thank you for your time.

Public Relations thanks Jordan Evans for his collaboration and for his time.
Milluno, out.


The Academy #16 has received many applications. However, many of them were not up to Department of Corrections' standards that they were unfortunately denied to progress to the next phases. Only those few selected were able to complete the evaluation phase, and the academy phase, together with completing their final examinations. They were then inducted to the department as its latest Correction Officer, at the same time being official members of the department.

Below are the list of the Correction Officers instated to the department that graduated from Academy #16:

    Albert Volkov
    Marco Cipone
    Kenny Clarke
    Jay Guttierez
    Kathy Watson
    Mario Lombardi
    Eudendro Foca
    Raffaelo Rivera
    Jason Zorocco
    Devon Woodcob
    David Coostra
    Christopher Doukas
    Joshua Sullivan
    Raymond Gonzales
    Christine Denvy
    Grant Fisher
    Sarah Coleman
    Charlie Hawkings

    - From 46 applications, only 34 applications were accepted and were given the chances to progress. (73,91%)
    - From 34 recruits, only 26 of them passed the evaluation phases. (76,47%)
    - From 26 recruits that passed the evaluation phases, 18 were instated to the department as Correction Officers. (69,23%)

Congratulations to those instated to the department, and we are sure you will all do great!


Image Lieutenant > Image Captain
    Christopher Kingston

Image Staff Sergeant > Image Lieutenant
    John Winnfield

Image Sergeant > Image Staff Sergeant
    Matt Cobra
    Jonathan Fisher
    Arthur Quin
    Dylan Brooks

Image Corporal > Image Sergeant
    Tyrell Guillen

Image Senior Correction Officer > Image Corporal
    Robert Caine
    Daniel Stokes
    Hector Anguiano

Image Correction Officer > Image Senior Correction Officer
    Kenny Clarke
    Mario Lombardi
    Raffaelo Rivera
    David Coostra
    Christina Denvy
    Sarah Coleman
    Dominic Brando

Remember that if you weren't promoted it doesn't necessarily mean you didn't do well enough. All ranks have a certain time requirement you must fulfill in order to be able to get promoted to it. You can read those requirements in the Handbook section.


Scott Bryant has in April 2012 received Intermediate Certification.

Tyrell Guillen, Wyclef Bowe and James Milluno have in April 2012 received Advanced Certification.

Arthur Quin has in April 2012 received 3 Months Service award.

John Winnfield has in April 2012 received 6 Months Service award.

Employee and Rookie of the month, March 2012:


Jonathan Fisher - active, dedicated, professional, enthusiastic are adjectives that only start to describe him. On top of everything else, he also showed great leadership skills this month and he was immediately recommended for an employee of the month. Employee of the month - Jonathan Fisher.


Christopher Doukas - ever since joining the Department of Corrections, he's shown nothing but great dedication, activity and professionalism, always accompanied with enthusiasm for the job of a correctional officer. Doukas, with a great sense of what's right and what's wrong, without a doubt, deserves this prestigious Rookie of the month award.

Congratulations to both awardees.


This month has been quite stressfull. Yet again, we had some problems within the Public Relations, which may even lead to the closing of this department. Although we still managed to get everything up and running, there are still a lot of improvements to make. But as long as we work together, that is not a problem.
Same counts for us as a whole. The Department of Corrections is capable of anything, as long as we stand together and stand strong. Even in difficult times.
We wish you all the best and thanks for reading this months newsletter.

Milles Conner
Director of Public Relations

Dexter Abbruzi
Commissioner of SADoC