LSPCT Returns to Los Santos
By Allegra Nixon


The Los Santos Public City Transport firm has returned, bringing organised bus routes and taxi services back to Los Santos. SAN reveals all the exclusive details.

The PCT was once present in Los Santos many years ago, before the privatisation of the industry which made way for self employed taxi drivers.

Public Transportation has long been an issue that many Governments have tried to tackle, but no company has ever lasted longer than a few months. Will this prove to be the exception to the rule?

The company re-launched on the 1st of May and has gone from strength to strength in its first week of operations. It already boasts a staff team of 20 members along with a small fleet of buses and taxis.

Construction recently finished on the PCT's new Bus Terminal at Ganton; where their services will operate from. Pictured below is the finished product, which is proving popular with local commuters.


But what does this mean for the citizens of Los Santos? CEO Kimberly Blaze explains the advantages of using the PCT's services as opposed to calling a regular taxi:

"Because of the low ticket price and wide choice of routes, our bus services are extremely popular. People know that sometimes paying $70 for a longer ride is cheaper than paying for a direct route with a taxi!"

The PCT currently operates 5 separate bus lines, including an express route from the Airport into the City. This particular service has already proved to be a hit with residents who travel out of the state regularly.

For more information about the PCT bus services and for more details the careers they can offer, you can visit their website here.