Monthly Survey: June
Written by Elora G. Hartley


Release 95

June. 07, 2012: San Andreas Sheriff's Department always ensures to not only protect and serve the citizens of San Andreas, but also to ensure that we perform our duties admirably with professionalism, dedication and integrity.

In order to work on areas where the department could improve it's services and serve the state better, the Public Affairs Unit has introduced a short monthly survey.

We humbly request and would appreciate if you take few minutes of your time to go through and provide feedback via this survey.

To do so, simply follow the steps below:
    - Logon to the SASD Website

    - Register an account on the website

    - Navigate through Front Desk > PAU: Public Relations Section > Civilian Survey or CLICK HERE
    Browse through the survey questions and answer as per your opinion and experience.

    - ((You may also give OOC suggestions to the faction on "Civilian Suggestions" to help the faction develope and improve it's roleplay))

If you have any more suggestions for the Sheriff's Department, feel free to e-mail Lieutenant Elora G. Hartley or Sheriff Kylie Roberts with them.

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