Governor Calhoun Confirms Elections Postponed


TN speaks exclusively with Governor Calhoun from the State Office regarding the June Mayor Elections, which were set to take place this week. He confirms that the rumours are officially true: the elections are postponed for the foreseeable future.

"The State Government is currently revising the Mayor Election system due to several failings over the past few months. We hope that the improvements will better the democracy in the state and are looking forward to seeing the changes in action. We currently don't have a date set for when these will be passed but will keep you updated as progress is made" he states in the interview.

This "failings" to which Governor Calhoun refers to are that of the various disappearing or disappointing Mayors who have failed to live up to the public's expectations. The most recent of which is Mayor Jaime Olmos, who was inaugurated in March and disappeared after just a week of service.

But the disappointments go back much further than this; opinion polls with the public have suggested that nobody has ever really been satisfied with the Los Santos Metropolitan Government and thus that the system is likely in dire need of revision. Many people, including a previous Mayor herself, are pleased that the Governors are taking action against these failings;

"I am glad that they are considering doing it differently. All we've seen is disappointment lately, and there has been little done to try and combat this." comments ex Mayor Susan Licther. Others are more concerned that this delay could impact the quality and determination of the candidates involved, who have all been planning their applications and manifestos carefully for several weeks now:

"It's concerning because there are so many very interested candidates right now, and these delays could put them off or make them decide to do something else. Especially since there is no confirmation of when the next elections will actually take place" comments Soraya Wyatt, ex SAN CEO.

A desk that will be empty for just a little bit longer than expected

The root cause of why there have been so many failings is of course open to debate, but political analyst Minerva Umbron sums up her opinion on where it all went wrong:

"Many of the promises that Mayor Candidates are "forced" to make during the election period are ones in which they will never be able to follow through. This is not any fault of their own, of course, many of them would genuinely like to implement their manifestos in to the city's administrative system. But the way the State of San Andreas runs is far different to that of any other State.

For example. In a normal American city, the metropolitan government (i.e. the Mayor and his/her Councillors) has the power to implement pretty much anything they want without needing to consult anyone. If they want to set up a Government run transportation business, they go ahead and do it. But here in San Andreas, their powers are not the same. They have to go through the State Government (i.e. the Governors) before anything can actually be implemented. So even if they did promise everything under the sun during the elections, they have to go through the State Government in order for things to actually get done. This is the only plausible reason as to why, even if the Mayors do stay, nothing gets done.

The odds are that these new Mayors have come into power and realized just how little power they actually have."