Announcement of Operation Target Zero
Written by Steve Baker


Release 97

June. 14, 2012: San Andreas Sheriff's Department's State Traffic Unit(STU), would like to inform you that the months of March - June has been dedicated to stopping speeders.

Operation: Target Zero was placed to enforce the speeding law. Speeding is a major cause of traffic incidents in the county and highways. There have been issued more traffic tickets for speeding than ever before during the month of March. The State Traffic Unit had also promised that the amount of members that are on duty under traffic duty had increased.

Sergeant Lucas Wright had given a statement to the Los Santos FM that they had extended the amount of hours for each member in the STU to allow a constant patrol under this specific unit. There has been almost a 50 percent increase in the amount of speed trap operations during this month along with an increase of about 40 percent for the speeding tickets written.

The operation was done on behalf of the people who lost loved ones or family members due to speeding. There was also a speech given and a short demonstration shown as STU did for company "Arrive Alive: Don't drink and drive." This demonstration was called "Kill your speed, not your friend". The demonstration, story and speech were broadcasted on LSFM and on SAN which were conducted by Sergeant Steve Baker.

Each time a person was pulled over during 'Target Zero' they were given a picture of a person who had died due to speeding. They then had a moment to look at the picture and shortly afterwards the deputy told the driver the story of the specific picture they were looking at.

San Andreas Sheriff's Department hopes that Operation: Target Zero affected the emotions of reckless drivers and opened their eyes to the disastrous outcome of speeding which only endangers people around them and their loved ones.

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