Mayor Elections Open: Candidates Confirmed


TraceNews brings you the latest on the candidates running for Mayor. Just what are they like, what do they want to do, how will they try to help you? We begin our scrutinising by introducing you to the five confirmed candidates.

Following the recent updates from the State Office, the July LS Mayor Elections have once again begun. The electorate system was temporarily delayed while new changes were made, details of which can be found here. The full schedule for the election period can be found here. Candidates have already been submitting their applications to the State office, and many of them have been approved to run. Let’s take a look...

Confirmed Candidates

Ian Lowe

The first applicant to submit his application to the State Office, Mr Lowe is currently working under the Olmos administration. He has summed up his campaign as this: "Stability, activity, diversity."

What Mr Lowe wants to achieve:
"I plan on meeting with every last one of Los Santos’ many business owners to discuss possible events that would be organized to increase interaction between people in our community. As it is right now, Idlewood Pizza Stack is one of the few active places, if not the only one, where people go to meet and make new friends. Especially new citizens who are having trouble finding jobs or fitting in with the rest of the city.

By hearing what kind of suggestions business owners have in regards to this, combined with the ideas I already have, I believe that we will succeed in making life in Los Santos more enjoyable. As a priority I intend to meet with the leaders of SAN and TraceNews first to find ways of achieving everything I mentioned above. I'm not fond of using the word "event" as it suggests it is a one time occurrence, I'd rather attempt at establishing a regular daily/weekly activity that would serve as a way for new citizens to integrate and meet with other new citizens, as well as old ones."

Justin Reed

Mr Reed is currently a District Attorney at the Los Santos Superior Court. He sums his campaign up in the following sentence: “I will be honest with this the one goal that I want to offer the people of Los Santos is to be a Mayor not one like we have seen in the past who never returns.”

What Mr Reed wants to achieve:
“I will be honest with this the one goal that I want to offer the people of Los Santos is to be a Mayor. I want to actually be someone who is will be /there/ when they need to ask a question regarding Government. I want to also create businesses and help with the economy of the City.”

Rovan White

The next applicant, Mr White is currently running operations down at the Verona Mall. He has summed up his campaign as this: “Public relations forcing government to serve the public in a honest way.” Mr White’s biography was a little difficult to understand but for publishing legislative reasons we are not in a position to edit it.

What Mr White wants to achieve:
“Healthcare, public safety, environment, education, public transportation committees consisting of concerned citizens who talk about current problems and offer possible solutions, council members would take note of them and will attempt to make situation in certain field better. “

Alejo Santiago

The next candidate, Mr Santiago, is currently an invasive cardiologist at the All Saints General Hospital. His campaign is summed up as “Strength through unity!”.

What Mr Santiago Wants to Achieve:
“As a mayor, I will offer the people of Los Santos opportunities they would have never had the chance to attain. My goal is create new businesses and places where people would work and make few jobs easier, such as truckers which includes the majority of the young people in Los Santos, upgrade them in a way which will make the goal of good and wealthy civilians in Los Santos become reality.

Most importantly making Los Santos Police Department go to the next level, better work enviroment and better trained Police officers and Cadets.”

The Unconfirmed Candidates:

Melissa Laws
We have already met with Ms Laws several weeks ago, who seemed very keen on running for the position but is yet to submit an application to the State Office. Should this change, her name will be added to this article.

Candidates no longer running:

Lukas Panova - Died in a tragic air accident

Shane Davis - Committed suicide in LSP (More on this story as facts develop)

Do you know someone who intends to run for Mayor and will be submitting their application soon? Let us know by contact us here and give us the inside scoop!