If you've been following the recent events of LS-RP you'd see we have been under attack the past week. Reasons? Demand? Who is it? You know about as much as us about the entire thing when it comes to those three questions. But we've been down this road before and we're destined to continue going down this road as the years go by. One thing you can always count on is that the staff and development team will continue to look and move forward for the sake of LS-RP, so just follow our lead in staying strong throughout such situations.

So rest-assured with the current team, LS-RP will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Also best believe this summer will be well worth all of your vacation hours! The new revision, updates planned throughout this week and next, and the early plans already being built up for a July revision. Plus so much more. The dreams are as huge as they've always been and we're not stopping until we're ready to stop.

To help us to achieve most if not all of the dreams at times quicker than expected we've recruited two new 3rd party scripters:
blankkor - Sergei
Both of these two have a reputation that precedes them. We're thankful to have them on the team and we're all read and eager to see what they have to bring to the table. While we wait for to bring what they have to the script, for now we have the June revision.

If you've been keeping up with the new topics in the Feature Documentation section, you will see a majority of the new major features inside of the server. Sadly there was supposed to be more for this June revision but during this DDoS it slowed us down just a bit. But trust, it and so much more will be inside of the server soon.