Election Reroll This Weekend


Following the controversy surrounding the arrest of Alejo Santiago last week, the State Office declared that elections were once again to be postponed pending further investigation. Governor Calhoun has now announced that all votes will be reset and that polling stations will open again this weekend.

“These elections have brought to light some very serious issues which we have been investigating and tackling as much as possible” he comments, “I would like to reassure voters that democracy is still the core of our society and that they will have the chance to vote again this weekend."

It can be safely assumed that Alejo Santiago will not be included in the list of available candidates to choose from. Commander Smallwood from the LSPD has confirmed that Mr Santiago was detained for selling a controlled substance, full details of which can be found here.

There has little been said, however, about underdog of these elections: Rovan White. Mr White performed particularly poorly before the first round was called off, amassing less than 5% of votes. It has also come to light that Mr White’s criminal record is somewhat “over the limit” that the State Government sets for Mayor Candidates.

If unarmed murder, attempted prison escape and various other offences were overlooked then it does call into question whether Mr White was fully checked out (or checked at all) before his candidacy was approved.

“This will not happen again, I can promise you that” Calhoun concludes in his press statement, "Mr White will also not be included in the upcoming vote."

Regardless, polling stations at the SD, PD, SAN and LSP will once again open this weekend. Hopefully, albeit slightly later than expected, Los Santos will have a new Mayor by Sunday evening.

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