Hello everyone! Here again to keep you all up to date on the upcomings, the current events, and the behind the scenes dealings. First and foremost I got to apologize personally for the July revision not happening on time. I promise you the work being put into it will be worth it and will change if not revolutionize a lot of the ways you will see LS-RP, trust me.

One of the main things from the new revision, posted about before, is the new house furniture system. Now if you've been around this server for a while you know it's going to be more than just buying and placing objects. We're going to be thinking of many ways to really bring the system to life, each furniture item at a time. More info and screenshots will be released on our twitter (foCoLSRP), so be sure to follow the tweets.

But as I said earlier, the furniture system is only one part of it; there will be much much more. We're aiming to release it all this month so please keep your fingers crossed. With five other developers, an attentive to detail staff team, and community support anything is possible at this point. We may have had hurdles throughout July but it did not hinder the material broiling for the server.

With that said, I also really must thank every single one of you. Throughout these recent attacks I've found the community is continuing to grow in so many ways. Rather than just complaining and giving up there are people standing strong in so many ways-logging right back on after the server goes down, continuing to behave rationally on the forums and IRC, and even many of you have offered support in anyway you can in combating the recent issues.

You people re-assure me everyday that everything we, the entire staff, do is so worth it. And it reminds me everyday that this server is seriously something special which can not easily be forgotten. On behalf of the staff we thank you and continue to ask that you stay true and strong with us throughout any other problems that swing our way.

Also on behalf of the staff I'd like to personally invite anyone with a wondering mind towards a LS-RP staff position to sign up in the recently re-opened Tester Drive. I wish all the applicants the best of luck and remember if you do not get reserved this time around there's always next time; never give up on these things.
Once again to help us achieve more around LS-RP at a quicker and steady pace two former admins have returned to help out once more.
Garteus - Late

Thanks guys for re-accepting the opportunity to make LS-RP a better place.