TraceMedia™ C.E.O. Resigns


Early this morning, Michael Trace, President and C.E.O. of TraceMedia™ announced his resignation during a press conference held today at the corporate headquarters.

It has been over 5 months since TraceMedia™ was first introduced to the city of Los Santos, 5 months of learning, hard work, and enjoyment. I’m pleased to announce that I feel the company is in a position to continue running without my direct presence.

I would like to announce to the city and our shareholders that I will be resigning as the C.E.O. of TraceMedia™ and exploring new endeavors within our other TRACE™ Enterprises companies.

Going forward, I see TraceMedia™ reaching new highs and succeeding like no other media company has done before in our city. I feel that none of this would be possible without Ms. Allegra Nixon, the new President and C.E.O. of TraceMedia™!


Allegra Nixon has been a part of TraceMedia™ since its initial introduction to the city and has been a key figure in the development and leadership within the company. Despite the resignation of Michael Trace, stock prices for the company are at an all time high today, up 39.95 points, closing at over $500.

Financial expert Jerry Rothstein tells us, “It’s no secret Michael is incredibly charming and charismatic; but, how he managed to have stocks rise after his resignation completely baffles me. That being said, I see nothing but success for TraceMedia™ in the future.”

Although Michael Trace has resigned from TraceMedia™, the company is still owned by TRACE™ Enterprises which Michael still owns and will be actively managing. The involvement of Michael Trace in the future is still unknown, but we can be sure that Allegra Nixon won’t let down.