Ian Lowe Elected as Mayor

After weeks of drama, uncertainty and controversy; the citizens finally have an answer. Ian Lowe has been elected to be the next Mayor of Los Santos.


Polls closed late on Sunday evening and counting has been going on throughout the week. The word came through just a few minutes ago that Mr Lowe won the elections by 22 points. 151 voted for him and 129 voted for his competitor, Justin Reed. Mr Reed is yet to comment on the turnout of the elections.

Freelance political analyst Minerva Umbron has had this to say about the elections:

"It has been an exciting one, hasn't it? We've had all kinds of drama. We've had drug dealing candidates, convicted murderers running for office, and rumours of bribery and corruption. Finally, however, it has all come to an end. But what does this mean for Los Santos now?

The Mayor Position, as I have previously written, is much different now. The Mayor cannot control taxes, he cannot implement businesses, he can only work to change local by-laws. And even then he has to jump through the hoops of getting them approved by local agencies.

What we are looking for now from Mr Lowe is a Mayor figure. We want to see him out and about in the town, cutting ribbons, opening shops, giving speeches and showing the citizens (and the State Government) that our local government can work. It can be active, it can succeed. It can take all the ignorant bothersome people shouting 'lower the taxes!' or 'increase our paychecks!' with a pinch of salt and carry on.

Mr Lowe and his future team undoubtedly have an uphill battle ahead of them. I personally sympathize with him and hope that the pressure of the position doesn't get to him too much, as it has to new mayors in the past. How he does, only time will tell"

Mr Lowe is set to make a press statement later this week and will be officially inaugurated in a few days time. TraceMediaâ„¢ will be following events very closely and will keep you up to date on the latest political happenings.