Department of Corrections Newsletter, July 2012

Text is image, especially in an organization like the Department of Corrections. We are happy to announce the recent updates and changes this month, with our monthly newsletter!

Yet another Newsletter is out and we are happy to say that the Department continues to grow in a positive way. The re-launch of our Intelligence Unit was a success as members of the unit got word that there were a major drug supplier inside the prison, after a successful interrogation they managed to get rid of over 200 grams of narcotics and various harmful objects from our Facility and dealing a huge blow to the criminals inside the Prison.

As the current Director of Public Relations is on vacation I as the Acting Director hope you all will enjoy reading this months newsletter as much as I did writing it.

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Due to several Correctional Officers, employed by the Department of Corrections, going on their very well deserved vacations in the previous month, the July of 2012 has been quite a quiet month (hence the small promotion bulks as well). Even the Training and Recruitment department took a little longer break between the 18th and 19th academy, which resulted in lack of Correctional Officers on duty in the previous and on-going month. Nonetheless, we are now fully back on our track and will do our best to make the Academy #19 as big as possible and bring many new COs to our lines. Not only recruitment wise, though - with a help of our very new Assistant Commissioner, we'll do our best to make all necessary changes within the next month and to make the department even better than it already is.

Commissioner Dexter Abbruzi


Overcrowded prisons
By Lieutenant D Brooks

At 8th of July 2012 a protest occured near Market Street, the reason is unclear to as why, but according to statements given it was due to a Traffic Checkpoint created by Los Santos Police Department. The protesters started off calm like most protests in this city has, but eventually turned for the worse as all the protesters started laying down on the road, blocking it. This required the Los Santos Police Department to bring approximately fifteen members of our community into custody. During the same time we were experiencing large crowds of inmates inside Los Santos Prison as we got word that they were bringing in another fifteen. Increasing the danger for our hardworking Correctional Officers.


There's a huge issue to the prison inside Los Santos, and that is that it's hard to make room for all the inmates we receive daily. Due to this we are forced to keep more than two but sometimes even up to five in the same cell just cause there's no more room. Elections are inbound and I hope the upcoming Mayor realizes that the Los Santos Prison isn't functioning well, it needs more funds for reconstruction. The Mayor who wants best for Los Santos will fund every Government Department correct and not put all of his efforts on one of them. Department of Corrections requires just as much attention as the Police Department and Sheriffs Department. My vote will go to the one showing they want the best for Los Santos and not just pretend to be a crime-fighter.

We need a safe environment on the outside, but also on the inside!

Misunderstanding leads to prior release
By Corporal J Adams

A few days ago, there was a professional visitation* between an inmate and the lawyer Dr. Harrison Reid, the visitation was handled by Correction Officer N. Brick and Corporal J. Adams. The visitation lasted around 30-35 minutes and during the visitation the inmate has claimed that he was prisoned unfairly for 24 months.

Dr. Reid presented the solutions to the inmate, and asked Officer N. Brick to call a Command Staff Representative from the San Andreas Sheriff's Department as he was arrested by one of their Deputy Sheriff's. After a few minutes of waiting Captain R. Cobra from the Sheriff's Department arrived to further investigate the inmate, and eventually no charge was found inside the criminal record database of the inmate.

R. Cobra had a lot of concerns about releasing the inmate from the Los Santos Prison, he said: "I don't want a possible murderer hanging outside". A quick discussion between the Correctional Officers and Captain Cobra led to that the inmate should be released from the Los Santos Prison under the conditions of staying inside the borders of Los Santos for one month so this issue can get resolved.

Footnote: *A professional visitation is a visit between an inmate and his or hers lawyer, doctor or any other important person.

The Yard
By Correction Officer R Quin


The San Andreas Department of Corrections provides great activities to inmates and one of them is Yard Time. At the yard, inmates are provided activities such as boxing, basketball, exercise etcetra by correctional officers. Apart from that they also get an opprtunity to enjoy the fresh air and the sun. Boxing is mostly preferred by inmates since they like spectating and boxing during these small matches. They enjoy challenging eachother in basketball matches as well. In extra time, they do some exercise in order to build up muscles and keep themselves fit.

Boxing matches

Boxing matches between two inmates are strictly handled by correctional officer. A CO should tell all the rules to the inmates briefly like no kicks, no biting etcetra. They are forced to wear boxing gloves. The CO spectates the whole match in order to make sure everything goes according to the rules. In the end, the inmate who loses congratulates the winner and shows sportsman spirit.


In spare time, inmates prefer doing some exercise in order to strenghten and keep themselves fit. This is the best way to keep yourself fresh and active whole doing all the activities of prison. They try to build up muscles by lifting heavy weights. A challenging atmoshpere is created and every moment is enjoyed by these inmates.

Basketball challenges

CO's dont usually arrange basketball matches for inmates as it can cause some fights and a hostile atmosphere. So, inmates usually challenge each other by scoring individual shots. Using this method, they enjoy this nice activity as well as the yard time itself.

Yard Time is full of activities; inmates also play scrabble, chat and they mostly enjoy it in general. COs, as always, try their best to provide them with an atmosphere that is full of fun and activity.


During the month of July the Training and Recruitment Department decided to close recruitment for Summer Holidays which also gave them time to work on internal things, the applicants who wished to apply in July will have the opportunity in August instead as we will open the recruitment up twice.

The newly introduced Penal Code that everyone is talking about lately, will have a huge affect on the Los Santos Prison and Department of Correction's work. Since it's establishment, more or less every single crime justifies an LSP arrest, which will increase the LSP population for at least 35%. That is why we, the Department of Corrections, will be looking for as many new Correctional Officers as we can get with the academies to come. Until further notice, we'll be scheduling at least two academies per month, which adds up to 6 or more academy sessions per month and over 50 new members in two months.

If you are one of our future applicants, be sure to apply as soon as the recruitment is open so you do not miss the chance of becoming a part of this department that plays a vital role not only in Los Santos, but also in San Andreas.


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    ●Phillip Miyagi
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Remember that if you weren't promoted it doesn't necessarily mean you didn't do well enough. All ranks have a certain time requirement you must fulfill in order to be able to get promoted to it. You can read those requirements in the Handbook section.


Mario Lombardi, Sarah Coleman, Daniel Stokes and Christopher Doukas have in July 2012 received 3 Months Service award.

John Winnfield has in July 2012 received 9 Months Service award.

Employee and Rookie of the month, July 2012:


Ever since introducing Public Relations sub-department to the Department of Corrections, we, or at least myself, have had our doubts about it's importance to the DoC. It even came to a point where we thought about closing it, since we've had little to no activity within the department. This month's employee of the month though, also leader of the PR sub-department, made the importance of the department very clear (with help of other members of the PR, of course). We can not argue with the fact he's made a significant change that already has and will in the future, affect the DoC as a whole a lot. The importance of public image to the Department of Corrections is hard to imagine, and Miles Conner with his Public Relations department, is making sure that we show the very best aspects of our department to the public.


It's been quite a long time since we have welcomed new Correctional Officers coming from the Academy #18 - which means they have had more time to prove themselfs to Sergeants and above for Rookie of the month award. And they sure did, a lot of them were brought up to the discussion about this prestigious award but as the discussion went further, there was only one left who showed extreme dedication and professionalism thorough the previous month. Despite being amongst several great COs, we believe Richard Quin is the one who should get Rookie of this month's award.

On behalf of the whole Department of Corrections, I congratulate and thank you both for your outstanding work in July 2012.


The month of July flew right by us and we are already moving on to August and the end of the Summer. Though most of our departments might have been temporarily closed due to vacations, we still had a few souls sticking by keeping the inmates of our facilities occupied. I am proud to be in a Department with members like these and I wish to thank you all for your great efforts you put into making not only the inmates lives better, but your co-workers aswell. I can already say that August will be one interesting month, so grab your gear and line up as we move forward into a new month and new adventures.

Dylan Brooks
Acting Director of Public Relations

Dexter Abbruzi
Commissioner of SADoC