Ryder Block/Blocc Families 1826
Written by Detective Michael Fitzpatrick

    25th, AUGUST, 2012 ― On the 22nd of August 2012, an investigation into the violent street gang known as Ryder Block/Blocc Families 1826 was officially ended, a little over two years since it began on the 25th of July 2010. Following this, the District Attorney for San Andreas signed off on the arrest warrants of over fifty individuals affiliated with the organisation, with a joint Office of Criminal Intelligence/Office of Metropolitan taskforce being established to carry out the warrants. Once detained, these individuals will be prosecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act in the San Andreas Supreme Court.

    Since it had established itself in Los Santos roughly two and a half years ago, Ryder Block had terrorised the streets of this city with no regard for anyone but themselves, but today detectives were able to announce that they would "cease to be a threat to public safety". The takedown also marks the end of OPERATION EASTSAFE - an operation initiated by former detectives Captain Michael Westbrook, Staff Sergeant Takeshi Shuu and Sergeant Tyler Stone that aimed to eliminate all major street gangs of that era, a task that has now been fulfilled.

    The investigation into Ryder Block was originally spearheaded by Detective Jarek Knight in 2012, who is often credited with providing law enforcement with the most important and intricate information of the inner-workings of the organisation. Without such information it is unlikely that such a takedown could ever have occurred. Then, in 2011, it was taken over by Captain Michael Westbrook, Staff Sergeant Takeshi Shuu and Sergeant Tyler Stone, and in 2012, by Lieutenant Reginald Harris, Detective Charles Bryant, Detective Trenton Cleavant and Detective Maurice Howard. Finally, the reigns were passed over to Detective Michael Fitzpatrick to finish the investigation.

    Commander Martin Smallwood, Director of Criminal Intelligence, provided a statement regarding the investigation: "This operation is yet another example of how the LSPD, through tireless and dedicated detective work, has been able to eradicate violent street gangs from the city. This group made a living out of the pain and suffering they caused within their local communities; subjecting them to violent acts of criminality and widespread abuse without care for the consequences. This take-down will give out a reassuring message to Los Santos's residents that the LSPD will do its utmost to ensure that they can live without fear of crime in their own home and an even clearer message to the gangs that terrorize those residents; a message that the LSPD will be relentless in its mission to pursue and harass the gangs of this fine city"

    (( Michael Westbrook: A brief OOC word of thanks needs to go out to a few people. This casefile isn't really one casefile per say, it's essentially three rolled into one. Jarek Knight and his efforts deserve an applause, as do those who worked in Xhiroz's investigation (Bryant, Cleavant, Howard). No one is taking credit for your work and I think that needs to be made clear. It was a team effort. Also, the guys who handled the administration side of this investigation (e.g. Smallwood) should be thanked.

    On RBF's side, you were very co-operative from an OOC point of view throughout this, especially Kush and Quen. It's always nice when the OOC element is removed, and an investigation is purely an IC thing.

    Without further ado...



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