I got to start this news post off by apologizing first of all towards the people waiting anxiously for the furniture system update. It will not be happening today, I am sorry to disappoint you all. Schedules clashed and it was just impossible for me to work truly on the system in the middle of staff month.

We hold a staff month every 4 months or so. Meaning on that entire month all your favorite admins and testers are evaluated from head to toe, given a shot, and thrown back into the roleplay battlefield we all know as LS-RP! It's our rejuvenation period and I take it quite serious meaning most development had to be paused.

There is good news beyond the rainbow though, we are back at 100% staff wise and I'm hopping right back into the script to finish what I started and judging from the tests so far the system is not far off. In face most of what I'm doing now is adding more items to the system, tweaking features, and overall trying to balance the price so that it's affordable for every house owner on LS-RP both rich and poor!

I'm putting 110% into this system and I'm going to deliver nothing less. I have great faith in this system and I plan to show it off on the day of it's implementation. Along with the furniture system there will be side new features as well, stay tuned next to the Feature Documentations for information on all of that.

But I don't come with just an apology, I've come with an unveiling of what to expect of LS-RP's furniture system. This is just a peak mind you, as you will find out on release day I have a lot more planned up my sleeves. Please enjoy the video, created by Mitch, as a visual interface of what's to come.

You can read more about it in it's feature documentation.

With that out of the way. Tester Applications have not only officially closed but we have chosen a special batch of people to join us in the staff team this fall. Before getting to them I want to let everyone know we had over 145~ applications sent in this time around, truly mindblowing at the dedication thus far.

Remember if you did not get reserve this time around don't give up hope, there's always next tester drive which is only just a few months away. Everyone will get a chance at it one day, never give up.

Along with the new testers we have new admins as well to boot. So congrats to the new Fall & Winter new staff team members:

Level 3 -> IG Lead
Ryoma - Dec Watson
Level 2 -> Level 3
Level 1 -> Level 2
Nexus - Sara - Elora - iGo

New & Returning Admins:
KillianNi - Jay-Jay - JJT

New Testers:
Deoxys - williamsj0 - Kartelboss - VisibleNoise - Thunda - htmLL
Tylar - Bidness - Hinton - Morin - Oxide
J4Y - PrinceOfThaWest - JA-Harris - Akiba
Goddess - Lenny Wilde - Macentire
? - ?
[JaW, Panda, Spikey, Will Patterson, AnDre, Popoy, SirEric, Simon]

(list not yet final)

Congratulations to the lucky guys and gals. And the three open spots will be addressed throughout the day. If you are reserved and feel you could do those spots justice just message me on IRC.