Written by Riker


Summer is soon to be officially over for those in the northern hemisphere and for faction's it has been a dreammaking and heartbreaking period. Firstly, new 'Faction War: Rules of Engagement' guidelines have been brought in after a joint-effort from the members of the Faction Management team to help develop and further the efficiency and fairness for all factions on the server.

Along with that, over the recent month two factions have been descripted by the Los Santos Police Department and San Andreas Sheriffs Department, including a Mafia and a general street gang, both of them were tackled through a rather large casefile, all of which were released to the community recently. The LSPD and SASD had been working for a long time and put a lot of effort in to each case, both seemed to be tackled successfully and taken down. The two factions descripted were named "The Long Beach Mob" and "1826 Ryder Blocc Families", both of which have been known for fantastic role play and building their cases took years of hard work and elbow grease. The two had been taken down between the month of August and September, every person in each of the factions had been thanked for role playing well through-out he whole of LSPD/SASD's objective, and the two factions are praised for the mark they have left in LS:RP's history.

The casefile contains every monitored members, which is pretty much all of the active, made and great members in each of the factions, it gives a thorough description on what kind of crimes and illegal activity the character had been in to, along with how they act and a brief personality examination. The question many people are asking is which factions casefile will action be taken against next, that is a common question but thats up to the LSPD/SASD on which casefile they need to crack down on, well we'll have to wait and see.

Both of the factions have set something new up, the Long Beach Mob decided to try out a Russia Mafia and Ryder Blocc has been setting up a faction led by the old school and high ranking members of the original faction, both of which have come off successful and are doing well in the start-up process, the leaders are great and experienced which is loved by many community members, now let us just see what happens in the upcoming weeks/months.

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