With the president announced, and two mayoral voting periods coming to a close we are arriving to a new shape of life for us all. It's been a hectic political November, probably the most exciting(mostly political) November this server has ever had, and to top this one is going to take a lot of steam, but that's a plan for later.

As you've already heard Los Santos has elected Allegra Nixon to officially lead Los Santos for the next set of months. Congratulations go to both Nixon and her fellow candidates for their exhaustive efforts in executing such amazing campaigns. For the ones out there still doubting that their 1 vote does not count let this month be a reminder to you that every person here matters.

Once again during the second election date Allegra and Earl were actually tied in the polls. 20 minutes were added to the voting countdown- 10 minutes in Earl was leading, 10 minutes Allegra took the lead. And with 275, Allegra took home the victory medal. 547 citizens of Los Santos came out to vote. A breath taking number!

Allegra Nixon - Earl DeRozan

Once again congratulations Allegra, and amazing work to Earl, Richard, and Hoovie for putting up a strong fight. Los Santos has rocked the vote hard; 3 times this month. It's a sign that we're eager and ready for our Government to do well. We wish you the best of luck over the next few months, Allegra!


With that out of the way I also want to take this time to congratulate Uptown 424 Kilo Block on once again achieving official faction stance. Uptown joins the, recently made official, Mexican Mafia in leading in a new set of illegal organizations in Los Santos. Best of luck in your roleplay ventures!

On to December, we obviously have a LOT planned for you all this December. When do we not? You're just going to have to continue to follow us on twitter and continue to read ls-rp.com for the latest news to find out what we have planned :)! What I will reveal today is that Winter Tester Drive will officially be starting this December 1st. So get your references and your answers ready.