The Winter Season at a Glance

Fasten your seat belts Los Santos, Christmas is just around the corner! For many years it has been a tradition to celebrate this holiday on December 25th as a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Popular customs of this holiday include: Gifting, Caroling, Christmas trees, Decorations, Garlands, and Cuisines. Gift-giving has become one of the most significant aspects of this holiday and is now observed by a large majority of the population. On another note, let's have a look at the recent crime the city has seen within a short time span!

From bomb threats in the infamous neighborhood of El Corona to manslaughter and robberies in child manifested areas, the local community continues to fight against crime and gang related homicides. Many individuals in the community are growing rather skeptical about the local police force and their abilities to keep crime to a minimal during Christmas holiday.

"I'm sure around Christmas time the crime rate will rise due to the increased need for cash. I believe PD should increase officer presence in crime infested areas and will have everything under control" commented Francis Maurer. With the hard working police force and Sheriff's Department on our side, no need to look further. The presence of violence will never decrease but the police force will if needed.

Before the curtain closes on this memorable 2012 year, winter holiday is left to wrap it up! Christmas is only a few weeks away, and with the newly elected mayor, Allegra Nixon, Los Santos continues to have illusive hopes in crime diminution and street regulation. Allegra Nixons famous slogan "No more bullsh*t" proves that her goals for Los Santos will be accomplished; furthermore, bringing the economy uphill and leaving the past behind. With a promising mayor, Allegra Nixon, and deputy mayor, Gerard Maurer, you can only ensure a positive outcome.

Enjoyed the flashy lights and decorations last winter season? Feel free to submit a holiday decoration request for your business/house exterior on forums!