Hello and welcome to the very first release of San Andreas Network monthly newsletter.

I'd like to let you know the recent changes in SAN, so I'm going to keep this one short and brief. As many of you probably noticed, last months were for SAN very successful and full of changes. Besides recruiting many and many potential interns and reporters, the whole leadership was changed, including several procedures or protocols. At the very beginning of November 2012, Olivier Carrington stepped down from his Chief Executive Officer position, leaving the warm chair free for his follower, Azami Hashimoto.

A well known and yet frowned upon fact used to be SAN's activity. For several months, the activity was too low below the standard of an organization like San Andreas Network is. Coming from this, several people were fired due to their lacking activity - some were, on the other hand, instated. Currently SAN consists of 13 active and contributing members.

- Chief Executive Officer Azami Hashimoto
- Network Executive Olivier Carrington
- Manager Christian Kennedy
- Supervisor Ferdinand Martell
- Editor Catherine Vega
- Reporter Eric Blackwell
- Reporter Richard Sundlay
- Technician Daniel Stokes
- Technician Mikhail Pronin
- Intern Barrett Guthridge
- Intern Zachary Valentine
- Intern Tray Glover

We also opened recruitment for Technicians, so if you're interested in a career as a camera man, driver, IT manager or anything of sorts, feel free to apply! The internship was also revamped, now you can choose your way to go - if you want to shine as a journalist, reporter or even a photographer. As you surely noticed, the last month was indeed full of changes and more changes are coming now! Some of them are already being discussed in our renovated Executive Office.

If you're wondering why we're not publishing articles at the moment, it's due to our section being moved from one place to another and unfortunately we'll have to wait until is everything done. Don't worry, we'll be back on the track soon!

Written and approved by Chief Executive Officer Azami Hashimoto