Dear Los Santos & the surrounding area,

Unfortunately, May 16th was not a pleasant one this year like it usually is. I'm sure you're all aware that the recent storm had hit extreme measures when a Hurricane hit the City of Los Santos, and caused much disruption to the areas surrounding it. The Hurricane, known as Hurricane Jubilee, hit Los Santos at around 10PM and continued to cause destruction throughout the night, forcing many to stay indoors or head to the setup Rescue Centre within Los Santos' City Hall.

The damage has been recorded at a toll of just over $30,000,000. Damage was seen throughout the City, as flagpoles fell down, cranes and street signs were collapsing and even the Ship that came to shore on the Verona Beach, all caused major problems for the LSPD, SASD, LSFD and even the SaDoC came out of their way to help on the distraught event that happened. All departments prepared for the Hurricane in their own individual ways, but when the storm hit the LSGOV had to take some charge and began assigning units to certain locations. Luckily, within the first few hours of the Hurricane hitting the staff of all four departments were able to secure all areas and make them 'theoretically safe' for the City, only to leave a pathway of destruction left behind.

The Los Santos Government recommends and still assures you to stay out of dangerous areas in the City, away from billboards that are not secured properly until it's fixed within the upcoming days. Teams are being organised to clean up what was left after the cleanup on May 16th and the morning of May 17th, while the Mayor and the MSD were patrolling the City keeping everyone out of harms way.

What you all can expect in the next upcoming days is the City returning back to a normal state. Volunteers are welcome to come forward to help with the aftermath clean up and help us move and fix all infrastructural problems in the City. In the mean time, just relax and hope that a storm like this never hits Los Santos again. Extreme special commemorations go out to Captain Nick Apps and his Fire Departmental team that travelled and worked throughout the night to make the City as safe as possible in the meantime.

Thank you for reading this Los Santos. Please, respect the emergency services on their cleanups and help the City in any way you can.

Mayor Michael Mayfield,
On behalf of the Los Santos Government.