Happy April 1st to you all and with that, happy April fools day! I hope you're all having a fantastic day fooling your friends and family whilst LS-RP is busy preparing for another big staff intake. As you all would know around about now we usually always take on a number of new staff members to keep up with the growing demand of LS-RP so that means testers will progress up to admins, admins will move up the ladder and it then leads us to having more empty spots for community members to join the staff team! Aero the Head of Testers has wrote a message to you guys to let you know exactly what is going on within the staff team so i'll let you all read that first and get the excitement out the way!

"It's that time of the year again, where we're putting away our winter clothes and gear, and beginning to go get our Spring and Summer gear. When Summer time hits that's when a lot of people come to LS-RP and when the server starts to get a crazy amount of activity! And we've slowly gone up to 550 slots, which is truly amazing to see - I remember when LS-RP was only on a 250 slot server. It really shows you how much LS-RP is growing and continues to grow everyday and throughout these years.

My staff team has been doing a great job throughout these last couple of months, getting through our Winter rushes. I must say that it's one of the best teams we've had throughout these years - every application was getting answered in a reasonable amount of time during these past months. And of course with summer coming, we're going to have to pick up a couple of new faces in the staff team because with growth means we need a lot more staff members to help out and keep the community running more smoothly - so here are the lucky few people that are getting welcomed to the staff team.

Snapback - Jack - dodGE - StateSheriff - Wink. - acroN - wlfeh - Eren - Shepherd - wallan - Matt[Y] - Sloth
[Sprinter, Snowflame, Audi, Gina]

Congratulations everyone, a forum PM will be sent to you guys with more information of what to do next. If you did not receive tester this time around, do not give up. We're always looking for more people every couple of months so eventually you will have your chance to became a tester one day. (— Aero)"

With that i'll tell you now more about the admin side of the server. Right at this very moment we have had Pitchounette have to take a break which left the admin team without someone leading it for the time being. I have stepped up to now become the Head of Admins whilst Pitchounette needs to take her break away from the server, hopefully she will be back around sooner rather than later but any issues you have with admins then feel free to send me a message and we will get it dealt with.

Onto some happy news and with that we now have the returning admins, new admins and admin promotions, congratulations guys and girls below and welcome back to the team!

New Admins: Fishscale, Tank, Mario, Unoriginal Gangsta
Returning Admins:
Level 1: Essence, Jeff
Level 2: Goddess, Hermy

Promotion Level 1 to 2: KEG, Jakey
Promotion Level 2 to 3: Surreal, Marshall, Jay-Jay

Congratulations guys and girls and you will all be contacted later on with set up information. I wish everyone a very happy April and hope the month goes great for you guys!