Hey everyone,

I thought I'd post this update a little early as there's a few relevant topics and role appointments to cover!

Please make note that this month we will be bringing in a brand new batch of testers from our reserved candidate list. You can read more about those below. As stated previously, we look at bringing in new testers every month now so if you're interested in joining the server's staff team don't hesitate to apply when we're accepting applications! As soon as you're a member of the reserved candidate pool, you are eligible to become tester when we discuss our options.

MikeTheMike has been appointed as a brand new Level 4 Administrator and will be taking over as Head of Property. Please send all property-related queries to him and make sure that you contact him if you're going away and want to keep your properties when you go inactive! He will be stepping into the role to cover property requests and ensure that those are responded to in a timely fashion as that role has been vacant for a short while. Congratulations to him on becoming a part of our Level 4 team and taking on his new role. As a brief reminder: he has recently worked on the lease re-vamp and that has come to fruition to help our business scene so I encourage you to go check that out.

Pitchounette has resigned from the staff team, and thus from her position as Head of Factions for the server. Thank you to Pitchounette for her work with factions here and we wish her the best of luck with what she chooses to do next. To those that it directly effects: illegal faction related queries go through to Apophis, and legal faction queries go through to me for the time being as there is nobody actively filling that spot. I will actively help out by processing requests that require leads (high-tier faction requests) and ensure that there is no delay or halt in the efficiency of the FM team. There are some promising changes coming from Faction Management soon that I am sure most of you will be excited about. I personally look forward to seeing what these changes produce for the server and the legal/illegal faction scene.

On the topic of faction management, I thought it would be pertinent to note that the Los Santos Police Department has a new Chief of Police and leadership team after the resignation of the previous Chief of Police. Adio will take the helm as Chief of Police Aziz Nazari with new focuses on role-play quality and what the faction has to offer. Congratulations to him on his appointment as Chief he had the following to say in respect to his new position:

    We're here to reform the Police Department and make it about realistic role-play and having fun with all parties. We don't want to have confrontations with the illegal side of the server and we truly stand by the fact that we are not here to police the server, but provide quality police role-play to the server.

We wish him the best of luck on his appointment as Chief of Police, and to the team that he selected to assist him with the large responsibility. If you are interested in providing your suggestions and thoughts about what you want to see from the LSPD, then please click the link and go and contribute to the discussion in a respectful manner.


Without further ado, I will move on to announce our induction of brand new testers, any tester reinstatements, admin team reinstatements and any updates tying to the Tester-Admin Scheme to start us off in the month of May:



Congratulations to the following people who will be welcomed into our tester team for the very first time:

an outlaw
Coke White Forgiatos
original doorkicker
unlawful act

And welcome back to the following testers who will be reinstating into the tester team:


Congratulations again, and I look forward to seeing you around the server and the forums! Please contact your Head of Testers, Jakey to take the next step and be welcomed into the team.



Admin Level 3 -> 4


Admin Level 2 -> 3


Admin Level 1 -> 2


Congratulations to the above on their promotions. Well deserved.



I'd like to welcome back the following administrators to the team:

Algebra Level 1 Admin
Pinder Level 1 Admin

Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you around again.



None at this time.



The following have graduated from the Tester-Admin Scheme this month and have become Level 1 Admins:




Thanks for reading,