The San Andreas Network (SAN) is an official legal faction that has been around since LS-RP's earliest days. SAN provides a realistic news network that improves the overall atmosphere of the server and compliments player's roleplay. The faction has undergone many leadership changes over the years, but for the past several months it has been led by Clem-Clem (who is also known as Bethany Oe and formerly Kassandra Aquino in game). Members of SAN are given a plethora of opportunities to develop their characters in their own unique ways. SAN offers more freedom than many other factions when it comes to character development mainly because of the wide variety of personalities within the real life media industry. SAN interacts with not only a variety of factions on a day to day basis, but also with many players across the community in an effort to get newsworthy material. This also attributes to the unique roleplay SAN offers players. The faction has covered a variety of notable happenings on the server in recent times such as the birth of LSU, many in character scandals, and the mayoral elections.

SAN's recruitment and training schemes were recently overhauled by Elvira, BillyM, and Burgoo in an effort to professionalise the faction even more as well as to engage faction members. The main goal of this overhaul is to engage more people with the faction, and provide new members with more guidance. If you would like more information regarding SAN, or to see the kind of roleplay it can offer you as a member, you can visit their active faction thread here.

Clem-Clem, the leader of SAN, answered a few questions regarding the faction to give a better glimpse into what SAN can offer you.

How would you describe the San Andreas Network?
The San Andreas Network is an open and friendly faction that offers people the freedom to roleplay how they want within a media/a broadcasting company. We aim to make a realistic yet enjoyable place to roleplay while offering the server an IC outlet to learn about events and crimes that happen all across the state.

What do you think your greatest achievement has been during your time leading SAN?
I believe my greatest achievement so far is the recent Homicide Report. The Homicide Report is meant to be a database of Character Kills that would be known IC (i.e. murders on the street, not hidden, etc.) Over the past couple of days we've built it up and have gotten quite a bit of feedback, mostly positive. With the assitance of certain factions, I hope that the Homicide Report will continue to grow.

What are your goals for SAN within the next six months?
My focus right now in SAN is to develop the Homicide Report and to host a Senate debate. We've constructed a studio specifically for the Senate debate and hope that, with the assistance of State Gov and the events team, we can host a fun and enjoyable event for those interested in political roleplay the next time the Senate Elections come around.

The homicide report has been up for over two weeks and so far, with the assistance of various criminal factions as well as from government factions, we've covered over 50 character kill-homicides that took place in the past 12 months. I hope that the homicide report will continue to grow throughout my time leading SAN as well as past my time, whenever I pass the torch to someone else.

Later on, I hope to increase the activity overall in the faction. SAN has always had trouble with activity with every leader, me included. I hope that over the next couple of months me and my co-leaders will find a way to fix this issue and help make SAN more active than ever before.

What would you say the greatest challenge SAN faces is?
The greatest challenge SAN faces would be activity and motivation. A lot of people that join this faction may not enjoy it due to the forum work involved (writing articles, etc.) however we're currently trying to help newer members find the faction more and more enjoyable by giving them opportunities and leads that may lead to enjoyable roleplay experiences.

What unique opportunities does SAN offer to it's faction members?
The San Andreas Network not only is a way that can bring your character IC/IG fame, it can also be a good creative outlet for those who enjoy making videos, writing or are interested in graphic design. We also allow our faction members to take a more "dirty" route when it comes to journalism, (i.e. being paid for articles to spread misinformation and orchestrating hit-pieces on certain individuals.)

Written by: Elvira