Hey everyone! We have some exciting news for you all.

Most of you have already heard about the brand-spankin'-new UCP that is coming up soon and G-sTyLeZzZ has been working hard to get it to what it is now, with help of krisk. And also Greenie who took care of the CSS coding. The new UCP will contain all the features of the mainpage.. That way you can view all the latest news posts straight on the updated UCP!

But that's not all ofcourse. There will be a lot of new features added to the new UCP. Everything will be easier and faster to use.
Easy character switching - With this you can easily switch between your main character and your alternative characters.
More information - Thanks to the mixture of the main site and the UCP, you'll now be able to check the staff, rules, background information all on the UCP!
A fancy new design - Created by Bobster who had sadly left LS-RP a while ago. Thanks though for your awesome design!


Well hello there, mister fancy login screen!

So you may be wondering.. Is it done? Soon. You may have been waiting for a bit but let's say it's nearly finished. It contains a lot of new features and all those features have to be scripted in.


Whoa, 80 percent?! That's almost 100!

Well I hope you're all excited. I sure am because I was getting a bit tired of that old white and gray combo on a square box, haha! But hey, the old UCP has done well and barely ever malfunctioned, so props for that!


The new UCP! At 80 bloody percent!

That's all you're getting for now! It won't be taking very long now until you can use it yourself!

Yours sincerely, the Los Santos Roleplay team.