WOLS(World of Los Santos) is as described here:
Hi, I thought I'd make a topic for anyone curious of what exactly was the point of me doing this section. My vision of this section was to basically fuse together Server Information and City Hall. It's basically just your main OOC flow of IC / OOC news/information of LS:RP.

Anything you need/want to know about LS:RP will usually be found here. As time goes on it will be expanded more and more. Hopefully you find the place not, and if not maybe you will over time I suppose. Constructive criticism and ideas are welcomed, just post them here.

Some important things you may notice in that section so far is that we're holding an LS:RP awards voting event going and an explanation of a new big feature strolling into LS:RP soon.

Section Link: http://forum.ls-rp.com/viewforum.php?f=353 (Must be registered to see it)