First off a huge congratulations to the new and returning admin(s)! Good luck with your work around here on LS:RP, hope to see you go far, and the tester team will miss you!

Woozy - nitraM - HermenLi - Delilah

While on the subject of testers we also lost around 14 testers these last few weeks. And during summer time the workload is increasing. From forum moderating, to applications, to suggestions, to bug tracker, and etc etc etc.

So I've immediately brought in a few reserved testers to take their spot so we don't slow down over the summer

Jordan - Mr. Sharp - BloodinBloodOut - Jeff - Smoking4life
kavinsky - [Captain]Phil - Stewie - iSmokeJay
Jay732 - Giacomand - David Landon

Congratulations guys, you'll get your message in the PM box soon.

For the people interested in joining the tester team still we will be opening tester drive next week. You'll be informed on the forums when so.