Well a lot of people have been curious as to what I have been doing under the hood of LS:RP for a while now. Over the summer there's been many debates, ideas, and suggestions tossed around and many have finally been addressed.

This revision purpose was to mostly fix a lot of internal issues that have been growing over the past few months, adding in what's been needed/wanted for a long time, and last but not least adding a lot more enjoyment to the server.

Along with working on the revision SA:MP debuted a new update as well, which will only expand more and more possibilities for us here on LS:RP!

Vehicle Modding System. Audio System. Gunshop System.

Locked/Out of Stock messages removed from gunshop entrance.
MaskIDs are used now rather than Unknown in unknown calls.
Dice now work for prisoners.
Objects interior/world issues have now been reverted to original code and work fine again. No more flashing doors and weed appearing in all the house interiors.
Helicopter flying test is now fixed. The prices and time are still the same.
Not spawning at your house has been adjusted and hopefully fixed for good.
Vehicles automatically register on purchase.
Killing and riots in prison has been addressed. Killing Extensions have been applied to the prison. When an inmate kills a medic their time will increase by 30 minutes, if an inmate kills a cop their time will increase by 1 hour, if an inmate kills a guard their time will be increased by 1 hour and 30 minutes, and finally if an inmate kills someone with a guard/medic/PD around their time will be increased by = (10 min*Each Medic around)+ (13min*Each officer around)+(17min*Each guard around).
Issue with multiple people being in the car during an alarm. Fixed it to check for if anyone is driving it instead.
Prison gym door lock issues have been fixed.
Prison phones have been fixed.
Phone animation freezing up has been addressed and fixed.
Bank interior bug fixed.
Talk | /walk animations addressed.

/place weapons now save.
/place weapon slots are now increased to three.

Drug ingredients/needles now save on to a person.
Drug weather effects are now fixed.
Drug addiction health loss has been reduced to 2-15 depending on how bad the addiction. Also has been made random rather than every 2 or so minutes.
/mydrugs display uses a dialog now and different layout.
Drug health has been checked, re-checked, and edited slightly. Chances of healing from the drug rather than losing health is amazingly high.

/paccess open all and close all works for all cells now.
/droppackage, /putweapon, /takeweapon, /putallweapons, /takeallweapons, /sellweapon, /sellpackage, /takegun, /place all use /ame rather than /me.
Taxi call has been adjusted. Taxi's will no longer race each other to people. The driver to /taxi accept the ID first will recieve the caller's location and where they want to go.
/lock will now work inside and outside for renters. Renters at a complex can no longer lock/unlock the complex.
/sms is now fused with the /email system. Messages sent through SMS now go into an inbox. User friendly.
The /blacklist command to ban someone from flying/getting a flying license has been fixed. Rank 3 and above officers. Also an admin command.
/trunk no longer work on bikes models.
/v unregister made. The person has to be at a blackmarket in order to use this command.
Cops rank 6 and above are now able to use the new command /confiscate. Use this command to remove weed plants and or crates. Money rewards can range from 100-500 dollars. Money goes to the fbank.
/drug supply bxd has been changed to /drug supply boxd to avoid the bx and bxd issues.
/seb command updated.

The revision is kind of heavy and has been tested in and out but if you find any issues from the revision or arising from the revision then please report them to the bug tracker located on the UCP!

The revision will be out shortly, hopefully everything works out fine- fingers crossed!

In other news, thanks to everyone that signed up for tester! I got over 140 or so of applications to become tester! It really warms my heart to see so many people interested and still interested in becoming tester.

Congratulations PMs will be sent out of the first set of reserved, and the next batch will be posted this week as well. Hopefully the drive will be over by September and that everyone comes out of this happy!

Remember if you didn't make it this time around try again next time, never give up. Also remember that it is a group vote to get people into reserved, so you should really try and resolve some issues if there with anyone of the staff.
Garteus/amef are working on a new property section- located inside of World of Los Santos! Further news on it will be released when it's done so keep your eyes on ls-rp.com.