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Faction Faces Leader Departure

Throughout the past four years, the Los Santos Fire Department has undergone a great deal of changes when it came to the structure, internal policies, as well as the leadership. Recently, the faction faced a major change in leadership, with former faction leader Jenny leaving this past March.

... [Read more]

Hey everyone,

If you have not already, I advise reading through these forum updates:

Changes to the management structure
Community Update - 16 March 2016
Faction Management Update - 21 March 2016
Event Team Update - 27 March 2016

There h ... [Read more]
Hey guys,

if you keep tabs on the feature documentation on our forum, I'm sure that you've noticed the garage system that was announced earlier this year. As of version 5.4.175, the update's been implemented.

Right now we're in the process of assigning garages to houses and businesses. Public / personal garages will be added shortly; some of them will be auctioned off. If you own a house that has a garage on its exterior, you can request it to be scripted [Read more]

like I promised in my previous update post, we're adding new maps and map related updates to the server. In tonight's batch we're introducing:
- Custom mapping in Jefferson for East Side ViperZ 81216
- Custom mapping in East Beach for Strelnikovskaya Bratva
- Bollards to block vehicles from entering the market station
- Blueberry Brewery truck spot made more accessible
- Blocked off hollow elevator at Rodeo
- Unused police precinct by Skate park removed

There's also minor changes introduced to the /cuff command:
... [Read more]

besides following up on the 5.4.172 patch with another stack of bugfixes and minor updates, today we're also adding a couple small mapping updates. There's a decent couple of them still pending to be added, so you can look forward to more new maps in the upcoming weeks. Tonight's update contains the following:

- CCTV objects where the /cctv locations for the police are
- Fort Carson gas station mapping

- Automatic levelup expanded up to level 5
- Impounders can now buy towtrucks at dealers ... [Read more]

tonight we're introducing an update to mostly address a couple bugs and small changes on the game server. The full list of changes is as follows:

- Added /rw as a shortcut to /rollwindow
- New animation: /carry

- /tru changed to /sed
- If you're near a boombox in a vehicle with its radio off, you'll hear it.
- Automatic /me's in /loudspeaker and /showcontact(s) made unisex
- You can now buy skins 93, 303, 304 and 305 in clothing stores
- /db, /duty and /heal now give you spawn ... [Read more]

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