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Hey everyone! Itís the time of year where we hit another busy period for everything, Christmas is just around the corner, the winter is setting in (for most!) and the server as always will reach a new peak of activity from everyone staying in to keep warm. As we move forward into November we celebrate another successful year of Los Santos Roleplay and the continual improvements that come with it. The Halloween map is a complete eye opener and a massive congratulations to Burger and the mapping team for all the hard work that has gone into it, itís truly amazing and heaps of fun!

I wo ... [Read more]
Greetings ghouls, goblins, zombies and gang roleplayers! It is that festive time again where we rain down on the beautiful city of Los Santos with all of our horrifying and gleeful Halloween decorations and constructions. This year in Halloween is quite special for me, Burger, our older mapper, made a surprise return to help orchestrate and create his one of a kind beautiful displays of art.

He's really outdone himself and I'm sure you're all going to enjoy it. Now I'm sure you're probably asking yourself "What does the "Isles" part mean?" Well I'll explain. Usually ever year w ... [Read more]


Hello everyone,

web development has always been a grey part of LS-RP. It was there and there was always someone maintaining the site, but I'm proud to say that we took a step forward and formed a Web Development Team to maintain our site. I'm sure that you already noticed the highlighted names below this paragraph so I won't keep you waiting; I'm happy to announce that we're bringing in two new members to help us shape the website! Congratulations to:

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