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I am Captain Darragh Aidan McLenaghan of the Los Santos Police Department. I am the Commanding Officer of the Public Relations Division and it is my great honor to extend to you, the citizens of Los Santos, an invitation to our Department Career Fair on Saturday the 1st ... [Read more]

As the full version of 0.3z is released, we're finally gonna be moving over to it. Restart is to take place shortly, meaning after you've read this news post it's time to install the new client.

Link: http://files.sa-mp.com/sa-mp-0.3z-R1-install.exe
More links: http://www.sa-mp.com/download.php
Around 23:00 server time we will be updating the LS-RP server to a newer version. Meaning you're going to have to update your clients to connect to the server. This is an important security update. This upgrade will be in company of future updates because they will be RC(release candidates). So any news regarding any updates or future links can be found here:

Link to client.
Link to forum discussion. ... [Read more]
First and foremost, Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I hope you had a good year behind and ready to start fresh on this year 2014. I hope you enjoy your New Year celebration and have or had a wonderful day. This day is special to me too because it's the first time I've ever posted a newspost, ever! So without further ado, here I am presenting you with the information on what's happening in relation to our dearly beloved admin team.

As of today, along with my position of the Head of Factions, I will assume the role of Head of Admins following Collins resignation as the Head ... [Read more]

68 | 290 | 104 | 195

Jim Weinerberg | Allison Hall | Bill Bloomberg | Jonathan Schrader

With a record breaking amount of votes, Allison Hall! Congratulations Los Santos, you've really shown up and shown out this time around. We clocked over 657 votes this time around! Not just that; ... [Read more]
* Your character is able to purchase the magazine in every twenty-four seven and news-stand.




... [Read more]

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