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Santa's sleigh is split in two, and his 20 reindeer have run amuck around Los Santos. Santa doesn't have much time left and he needs those reindeer delivered back ASAP! So if you see one of those pesky reindeer around Los Santos just run up to one and type /claim. Santa will kindly reward you with a game from his Steam/Origin.

They are all in Los Santos and surrounding counties!

Games up for grabs:
[STEAM]Serious Sam 3
[STEAM]Counter Strike Global Offensive
[STEAM]Dead Space
[STEAM]Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
[ORIGIN]Medal of Honor
[STEAM]PAYDAY th ... [Read more]


Location: Santa Maria Beach Highway

Date & Time: December 24th, 2013 — 8:00pm (( server time ))


Happy Holidays Los Santos, join us at 7:30pm at Pershing Square with your Santa Hat for ... [Read more]
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you wonderful boys and girls! First and foremost I got to apologize for the lack of Halloween events this year. With the new revision and the maintenance towards it the event was pushed back so much it was just not possible for it to happen. Maybe we'll hold a Valentine's carnival instead, who knows, we'll see!

For now, it's December, home of the winter holidays and the new years resolution planning. And with us already missing one event and approaching Christmas we just had to do something that will make up for the lack of a Halloween event a ... [Read more]

Anastasia Vishnevska
December 16th, 2013.

Hello citizens of Los Santos and readers alike! As most of you know, December is not only the season of holiday for folks who celebrate the festivities, but the month for all of our mayoral candidates to campaign and get the city's vote as well! So I bet you're wondering who to vote for as you spend all of your time shopping and enjoying the companionship of loved ones, well why not let me hit ... [Read more]

Anastasia Vishnevska
December 1st, 2013.

Imperial Records, which released a teaser for their new music video titled "Fuck A Scrap" featured an up and coming artist named Mylo. The video was expected to go viral as of winter 2013 and fell nothing short of expectations.

Upon being released today, we had the chance to get an exclusive phone conversation with Mr. Hampton of Trapaholic Records, having this to say about Imperial Re ... [Read more]
I'm sure the main thing you are obviously going to notice is the new player count. No insult towards the vehicle revision, but the player count will most likely be the topic of the week rather than the latest updates to the server. It's perfectly fine by me because this new player count, these new revisions, all of it are all basically stepping stones towards the development's main goal- a more enjoyable gameplay.

Optimization and user-friendliness have gotten us to the point of 750 and yes we still have some feats to tackle in order to get you all comfortable. "What about the lag?" I ... [Read more]

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