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Happy 1st of April everyone! I hope you wasn’t fooled too much by your friends and family and I hope you’ve had a great day doing whatever you’ve all been doing. Now this is a real special day for me because it’s the first time I’ve ever posted an activity check for staff and it’s also the first time i've done a newspost giving you information on what’s happening, staff that is going to come and also information that all of you could use.

Firstly we’ve lost a good chunk of our staff this time round, mostly down to people having to leave for school, college or just real ... [Read more]

Sheriff's Department to Host Community Forum
Written by Aubrey Savage


Release 146

March 29, 2013: As a service of the people, it is a necessity for a law enforcement agency to listen to the concerns of t ... [Read more]

LOCATION: Los Santos Stadium
DATE & TIME: Sunday, April 7th 2013 at 21:00pm (( servertime ))


The event will be hosted live in the Los Santos Stadium at 21:00 pm on ... [Read more]

    Department of Corrections Newsletter, February 2013

    Months keep flying by but San Andreas Department of Corrections and San Andreas Correctional Facility are not going anywhere. This month has been vital for the improvements that the Command and High Command were trying to implement long time ago. Situation reports, Faci
... [Read more]

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read the Los Santos Fire Department's second monthly bulletin of 2013. This month the public affairs team have as always put the full dedication and effort into ensuring that the city of Los Santos is kept up-to-date in-regards to the on-goings of it's main medical unit. We hope you enjoy the read and as always appreciate any feedback and suggestions you may have!

... [Read more]

Mayor Term Ends - Nixon to Step Down
By Astrid Spencer


After successfully holding office for three months (the first time in the history of Los Santos that this has been achieved), Mayor Allegra Nixon today announced that she intends to step down from the position and allow democracy to take hold ... [Read more]

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