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Below is a compilation of videos made in the name of LS:RP. Enjoy!

Road Slayers are one of the most violent motorcycle gangs in San Andreas. Founded by friends Zack and Vaughn, the club's been growing stronger ever since day-by-day. They have many allies in the OMC world and only one true enemy, law enforcement. The Road Slayers are known to step on the toes of anyone that gets in their way and are no stranger to violence. This rowdy bunch ... [Read more]

SASD presents Adoption Event
Written by Leo Venaducci
Edited by Chris Mudek

Release 150


April 24th, 2013: Have you ever had a desire to find a home for a homeless pet? This is now your chance to adopt one right away on the 26th of April 2013. ... [Read more]

Good evening LS:RP players,

First and foremost, I'd like to formally introduce myself to the general public of LS:RP as Smithy/Michael Mayfield, and I'm fortunate enough to be announced the new Mayor of Los Santos. With the results ending in 203 - 198 in favor of Michael, unfortunately Justin was defeated and Michael was announced Mayor.

Well, that's the brief introduction out the way, now I'd like to let everyone know of the changes that have alrea ... [Read more]
Hey yall! I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful season that is known as Spring. It's the time where the sun shines a little brighter, the birds chirp a little louder, the plants bloom the many different shades of colors, and the computer chairs get hammered by sweat stains. It's all very much exciting!

With Spring comes the universal Spring Cleaning, which on LS-RP could mean multiple amounts of events. This Spring Cleaning we're just going to continue our tradition for this year in revamping up most if not all the areas around LS-RP. We're taking it very serious, so you will noti ... [Read more]

    Department of Corrections Newsletter, March 2013

    Text is image, especially in an organization like the Department of Corrections. We are happy to announce the recent updates and changes this month, with our brand new newsletter!

    Although the SADoC may not be the most favoured organization in terms of public view
... [Read more]
Happy 1st of April everyone! I hope you wasn’t fooled too much by your friends and family and I hope you’ve had a great day doing whatever you’ve all been doing. Now this is a real special day for me because it’s the first time I’ve ever posted an activity check for staff and it’s also the first time i've done a newspost giving you information on what’s happening, staff that is going to come and also information that all of you could use.

Firstly we’ve lost a good chunk of our staff this time round, mostly down to people having to leave for school, college or just real ... [Read more]

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