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    Department of Corrections Newsletter, October 2012

    Text is image, especially in an organization like the Department of Corrections. We are happy to announce the recent updates and changes this month, with our monthly newsletter!

    So much has happened this month that I don't even know where to start. We started off with the release of Human Resources, a sub-department
... [Read more]


Academy 25's Graduation Ceremony & Party
Written by Aria Roberts

Release 120

Nov. 10, 2012: The 25th recruitment academy of the San Andreas Sheriff's Department is nearing it's closure, leaving approximately 49 recruits anxious as they await for their results to be published later this weekend. All citizens of San Andrea ... [Read more]

Welcome to the October edition of the Los Santos Fire Department's Monthly Bulletin!

The LSFD's Public Affairs Division is proud to present its seventh edition of our monthly bulletin! Our writers have all been hard at work to continue the great quality that you are used to with our releases. We have a lot of new and exciting updates to discuss in this release. We hope that you enjoy reading this mon ... [Read more]

After a long and challenging daunting campaign run the country has finally made up their mind and decided which of the two candidates it wants to lead throughout the next 4 years. President Obama and Governor Romney have valiantly put up a worthy campaign and we thank them for their dedication towards their dreams of making the country, and in return Los Santos, a better place.

B ... [Read more]

- Obama vs Romney -

It's time to get involved

Los Santos!

Both President Obama and Governor Romney have expressed interest in the many ways to grow the opportunity and achievements in Los Santos. Plans to invest more in the many legal entrepreneur organizations have already begun for both nominees and they plan to work with the future mayors in the execution of ... [Read more]
San Fierro Speed Run


Release 117

Nov. 01, 2012: After their highly successful race in May, San Andreas Sheriff's Department's State Traffic Unit will be organizing their fourth racing event of this year. Whi ... [Read more]

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