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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
Hey Hey FoCo TDM - server.focotdm.com:7777
Try the official FoCo Team-Deathmatch server! Click the link above.
Hey Hey Hey Hey
As some of you may noticed the event didn't happen on Wednesday. Some un-identified issues popped up randomly and had to be addressed almost the entire day. It will happen this Thursday though around 20:00-21:00!

So come out Santa Maria beach around that time and enjoy the festivities. The audio surprise is a boombox system, so people will be able to buy a boombox(/buy boombox) from the 24/7's and plot them down where-ever they want outside. Officers/admins will be able to /confiscate them incase some of you try to get silly with them.

Also the event for Sunday is now schedul ...
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As you've probably already saw on the forums this week marks the 4th anniversary of LS:RP! Meaning we're going to try and make this week as exciting as possible in order to truly celebrate how far LS:RP has come.

Four long years and still going strong- over a hundred thousand members on both the forums and in-game, quality and vast amounts of roleplay growing every day, and can't forget all the content created by everyone- be it artwork, nice stories, strong factions, an inspirational character, etc etc; it's all something we're very thankful of.

So let's not just end it wit ...
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As you probably have noticed over the week the server was continuously going down. There was an issue in the script, and it is now fixed. The cmd will no longer crash the server...for now.

In other new the Audio Plugin has been updated once more to a more stable and cleaner condition. Get it here:
Over the past few days I've been updating, editing, and optimizing the career revision as I promised last time. Continue to report bugs and contribute to the suggestions section and we'll have something everyone can enjoy in the matter of weeks!

Audio Plugin RC4 has been released. Download it at the link:
As you may have seen in the previous news post and around the forums, the revision is finally here. After long months of planning, arguing, scripting- the first part of the career revision has finally arrived.

Notice I said first part, meaning there is still more to be added, adjusted, optimized & improved. So with that in mind please continue to make suggestions in the Job suggestion section on how we can make the current jobs and more on LS:RP more exciting.

The MAIN thing I want you all to keep in mind though that this is a new revision, and even with all the testing in th ... [Read more]
Good day LS:RP,

While looking at this forum-section or reading some of the old news you may have noticed that DamianC is working hard for the next and upcoming revision. There should be no excuse for any delay, but good things just need their time and this isóI can ensure you thatóworth waiting.

We also noticed the high frequency of suggestions coming in daily where we, the staff team, try to sort out the golden ones out to get them implemented as soon as possible. Thereupon share your ideas with ... [Read more]

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