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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
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Hello, LS:RP! It warms and saddens me at the same time to see that fall has come and summer is packing it's bag. When seasons change, so does obligations for many people. You can see the toll it takes on the factions, staff, and server in general. Never fret though, LS:RP has a small place in everyone's heart and like the sharp edge of Scorpion's stinger- it always draws people back.

As long as you embrace and stay true to that special part it has in your heart the light can never blow out. In the wake of season transitioning once again comes many new strategies and surprising events ...
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I know you've all been waiting for months but the drug system has really knocked me off my feet. I along with a majority of the server want it to be absolutely perfect. It's been suffering for so long now and we finally want to get it right. So it's honestly been months of not only scripting, re-scripting, planning, and ideas.

I am proud to announce the drug system is infact moving into testing phase and once it is done it will be placed on the server hand in hand with the massive optimization fix for the lag(Credits to Kyeman for the new revision & Incognito and JerneJL for their plu ...
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The first round of the mayoral election has started! You can now head down to the Police Department, Sheriff Department, San or City Hall to vote. Once you are there, type /vote and you will be given an option of three names.
Gary Keane, Susan Licther and Frank Digby.

Use the corresponding number to vote for who you wish to become mayor.

The two candidates with the most votes will have a second round a voting in a week.

Voting will end sometime Sunday.

You can only vote once. Regardless of how many characters you have. I will along with other ...
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I'll excuse myself here that it took a bit longer than planned for the new UCP update. BlueG and I were busy with other stuff but it's finally done.

    Export/Remove a character from your global account
    Private Message Box option
    Transfering Number- or Namechanges between your characters which are located in your global account
    New news/ucp-profile-layout
    Some buttons (right top) which are linked to some other services from LSRP/FoCo
    Bug fixes here and there
    Forgot password option added for characters
    And many more fo
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As you all are aware summer is right around the corner, and so is the workload! We're trying to make this summer absolutely easy and relaxing for everyone. In order for that to happen we first got to have an relaxed and consistently supportive/working staff team. Since they are most relied on around here.

So in order to do that we're going to make sure the workload is perfectly tended to. So that means, wait for it...around 20 new testers for the team! This isn't anything new and it's far from crazy with the new duties popping up now and then for testers. We've also had around ...
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As some of you may noticed the event didn't happen on Wednesday. Some un-identified issues popped up randomly and had to be addressed almost the entire day. It will happen this Thursday though around 20:00-21:00!

So come out Santa Maria beach around that time and enjoy the festivities. The audio surprise is a boombox system, so people will be able to buy a boombox(/buy boombox) from the 24/7's and plot them down where-ever they want outside. Officers/admins will be able to /confiscate them incase some of you try to get silly with them.

Also the event for Sunday is now schedul ...
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