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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
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We are working on, and trying to solve the infamous "Thread is busy by X" bug.
This means that LS-RP will run the beta at least until we can confirm that we've fixed the bug.
This might mean a couple of days extra with the beta, or just a few hours.

We'll update you (when the bug is fixed) about when the server is going back to 0.2.
Good morning LS-RP!

As SA-MP is getting closer to a final release, we've been lucky enough to be allowed to host a public beta of our script on their Release Candidate! The LS-RP team have been working almost non-stop the last couple of days to get ourselves ready for this beta, and after several test runs yesterday, we're finally ready.

We are glad to announce the start of LS-RP's public SA-MP 0.3 Beta!

During the test, the 0.2 server will not be running. Even if this is a public beta, all rules are still in effect. You will get jailed, kicked and banned for ...
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My my my this week has been quite interesting. We have gained three new admins- Late, Marty, & Broski; had many admin promotions, and gained a new lead to join the task force in the upper management of LS:RP - Aline. We're also in the process of approving more reserved testers for LS:RP and getting near introducing a dozen new testers.

The house system has advanced since the last updates. There are now actual functioning apartments in Los Santos as well with the new property system.

With 0.3 so close and LS:RP being nearly done it is time that we announce a public beta will b ...
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I felt after dropping the bad news of a house wipe ahead that I'd spread a little light on progress and ideas for the upcoming LS:RP 5.1. The testers and I have been hard at work on continuing the property script that krisk has graced us with before his departure into the army. The new house system takes huge advantage of the new virtual world limit in 0.3(2 billion+) and puts us now at a standpoint where we can have as many houses as we want.

We will NO LONGER be using the pickup system in front of houses. Instead there will be a small red checkpoint that rises in front of you when y ...
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It does not bring me any happiness announcing this but there will be a slight change of plans! /movehouse will not be departing the server. Along with that with the new property system comes the sad reality that people will be losing their houses with this new system.

Although it's not completely bad, there will be a section created in the Refund Request for people who want to actually keep their spot can claim it that section. Only post if you are actually planning to keep your house in the exact same spot you're claiming it at. Also make sure it's really worth it.

I say thi ...
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