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OPENED: 16 April 2016 - 20:00
CLOSING: 23 April 2016 - 16:00
* All times posted are server time!

The Los Santos Fire Department recruitment process has undergone several changes in recent months with the latest being the introduction of three different sectors! We're excited to announce that the ... [Read more]

The end of an era:

Strelnikovskaya Bratva


Factions are an ever-growing wonder of our community and the prominent staple to keep players grounded and interested in LS-RP. With most recent official faction closing, the Strelnikovskaya Bratva, we write this excerpt in hopes to not only educate aspiring players but reflect on the positive impact they've made on the server during ... [Read more]
Meet the Admin


Los Santos Roleplay has been open since May 2007 and, since then, Game Administrators have come and gone. Game Administrators serve as the face of the community when it comes to enforcing in-game rules, forum rules, and for holding some of the most lucrative positions on the server. All Game Administrators were, at one point, players just like you. This series of articles, known as Meet the Admin, is about the origins and experiences of certain Game Administrators. Thi ... [Read more]

Faction Faces Leader Departure

Throughout the past four years, the Los Santos Fire Department has undergone a great deal of changes when it came to the structure, internal policies, as well as the leadership. Recently, the faction faced a major change in leadership, with former faction leader Jenny leaving this past March.

... [Read more]
Hey everyone,

If you have not already, I advise reading through these forum updates:

Changes to the management structure
Community Update - 16 March 2016
Faction Management Update - 21 March 2016
Event Team Update - 27 March 2016

There h ... [Read more]
Hey guys,

if you keep tabs on the feature documentation on our forum, I'm sure that you've noticed the garage system that was announced earlier this year. As of version 5.4.175, the update's been implemented.

Right now we're in the process of assigning garages to houses and businesses. Public / personal garages will be added shortly; some of them will be auctioned off. If you own a house that has a garage on its exterior, you can request it to be scripted [Read more]

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