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With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
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Whatís up, LS-RP? Well, itís been over two months now since the last topic regarding LS-RPís richest players was posted and Iím sure most of you are keen to find out who stands where at this moment in time. The list Iíve collated is just a little longer than the one which Cecil posted a couple months back. Note: Iíve shown people as their forum names instead of their in-game names for their own privacy.

Aline - $2,960,000,000+
Zharov - $940,000,000
insomnia - $303,000,000
Levine - $269,000,000+
Santino_Valenti - $268,000,000
Jaxson - $157,000,000
Deniz ...
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Hello everyone, I have some good news for you all. Recently most of the level 1 admins have been promoted to level 2 admins! We'd like to congratulate them once again for this promotion. Perhaps this will open up new spots for (reserved)testers or even level one admins? Who knows! You might just find out. The exact list of admins that got a promotion is as follows:

Decker - Joseph_Vittorini
Estone - Desmond_Lucas
Late - Rafu_Nakato ...
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Finally, the time has come! A new mayor has been elected after mayor Mark Patterson's reign comes to an end. There's already been two elections and it was a very close call in the end! So who out of Jack Stracci and Jim Hoover is the new mayor of Los Santos?

It's! ...

Jim Hoover!

With 229 votes!

And candidate Jack Stracci ended up with 217 votes. A close call indeed!

Jim Hoover will be the mayor for three months or he can decide to retire and new elections will start! Go ...
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As you can read in the title, the voting has started now! It's pretty tense and the two last candidates are Jim Hoover and Jack Stracci. You all have until Sunday evening to vote, so make sure you do! The reults will be publicized right after the elections are over. That way the new mayor will instantly get his whole system fixed. (read: money, faction, etc.)

Not sure who to vote for because you don't know their intentions?

Read this for
Jack Stracci's manifesto.

And this one for < ... [Read more]
Hello everyone. It's been a while since the last news article but there have been quite some changes since then. We've been receiving loads of application from people who want to play on the server and with the growing fame of LS-RP I am sure this interest will grow out to be huge! Also, the max player In Game record has jumped from 404 to 414! That's quite an achievement and we hope to slowly but surely reach 500 players on the server.

Also new is the faction color nametags for people that are in gang or mafia factions. Such as the Akuji-Kai faction now has a dark yellow namet ...
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Hello, thank you for once again dropping by ls-rp.com! I must say the mappers and I have really put a ton of effort into the week. From extravagant interiors, to bug fixing, to features and adjustments. The week was not only fun for me but it was a learning experience for me also.

I've learned throughout the week that even with things slowly falling in order for me with the bug tracker and the suggestions that there is still more work to do around here and a week just wasn't enough to do EVERYTHING I had planned. I still did a lot but yes, not everything.

Thankyou for baring ... [Read more]

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