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LS-RP Rules

In order to ensure fairness, LS-RP has a series of rules in place for gameplay, forums and the User Control Panel (which is this website). All players are required to read the rules before playing on the server and abide by them, however minor they may look. LS-RP rules are reviewed frequently and are a result of long discussions between the staff and community, so it is important to keep up to date with them.

UCP rules:
» 1) When registering a character, answer all the questions yourself and do not copy & paste anything.
» 2) Do not ask LS-RP staff members to review your application.
» 3) If one of your characters has been banned, you're not allowed to create a new one or use an alternative character.
» 4) Do not spam/flame/troll other players' guestbooks.
» 5) Do not import characters that do not belong to you into your account
Click here for a detailed UCP account rule list with examples & exceptions.

List of all LS-RP rules:

In-game Rules

Account Rules

Forum Rules

House & Apartment Rules

Business Rules

Discord Rules

Teamspeak Rules

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. By playing on LS-RP, you agree that you have read and acknowledge the rules. Failure to follow any of the rules may result in punishment, whether that's a kick from the server, or a ban from any or all of our services.

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